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TerraSond, is an experienced multidisciplinary organization. They collect, compile, and identify geospatial and geophysical information that provides the best possible solution offering the lowest risk for your projects.

TerraSond has successfully executed thousands of surveys in over 29 countries around the world for over 330 clients. These range from inland surveys to deep ocean seabed exploration and mapping projects. The company strives to work with customers to ensure the most cost-effective solution without jeopardizing data quality. Through offices in Alaska, Washington State, Texas, New York State, Mexico and Equatorial Guinea TerraSond offers full turnkey services to meet customer’s requirements.

Key services

  • Geophysical surveys in the Oil & Gas exploration industry
  • Site investigation in the offshore wind farm industry
  • Detailed hydrographic and mapping surveys
  • Autonomous Surface Vessels as a force-multipliers in geophysical surveys
  • UXO surveys
  • Submerged pipeline location and depth of burial surveys
  • Geospatial photogrammetry from aircraft and drones.

Terrasond Seattle Office showing situation and offices

1617 South Industrial Way,
Suite 3,
AK 99645

Products by TerraSond

Acteon Solutions

Customer-specific solutions comprising a combination of products and services packaged as an integrated service.

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