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Offshore renewables and marine construction installation, operations and maintenance support services

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Unrivalled domain expertise in the technologies needed to install, operate and maintain fixed and floating wind turbines and associated surface and subsea infrastructure

Reducing costs is essential for offshore renewable energy projects. Acteon aims to cut the cost of owning subsea assets, including those in the offshore renewables and marine construction industries. We adopt a factory approach to construction and installation, and create engineering solutions that can optimise capital and operating expenditure to lower the life-cycle levellised cost of energy (LCOE). Our extensive project experience across the project life cycle, along with our ownership and understanding of critical technologies, enables us to develop innovative approaches to installing the current and future fixed and floating turbines necessary for reducing the LCOE further.

Thinking differently, unrivalled domain expertise, critical connective understanding across the project life cycle and independence from vessel ownership enable us to innovate and industrialise. By engaging early, we can take a long-term view and develop holistic solutions that help to lower the total cost of owning offshore wind turbines and renewable energy infrastructure. For example, we design for lower capital and operating costs, and piling noise; install equipment that enables smart predictive decision making; engineer for standardisation and repeatability; apply factory installation methods; and use multiskilled crews to optimise safe installation.

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Our experts are on hand to answer any questions and devise a technical strategy to your challenge across the life of field.

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We offer an integrated service, with the deep domain expertise necessary for each part of the project, through a single contact and contract to remove the need to manage multiple interfaces and associated risks. Our independence from vessel operators means that we are motivated to think differently and create efficiencies rather than meet vessel utilisation targets.

We are open to discussing new and innovative commercial/contractual terms for integrated installation and life-cycle services. For example, we would consider constructing and leasing foundations and providing integrated predictive asset integrity and management services to maintain uptime.

Thinking differently, unrivalled domain expertise and independence from vessels enable us to innovate and industrialise to reduce the LCOE.

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Project managed by the Acteon field life service team

The Acteon field life service team is central to delivering our integrated solutions. It helps customers to define their objectives and tailors the scope and specifications of each integrated service to meeting them. It also develops pricing and commercial models that align with customers’ subsea asset management processes.

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We understand your challenges and see your opportunities. Acteon supports the offshore renewable energy, nearshore construction and oil and gas industries by delivering commercial and environmental benefits and helping to enable the energy transition. Download our brochure to learn more.

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Through early engagement and a unique point of contact, we can significantly reduce the total cost of construction and installation of subsea infrastructure, safely and responsibly. Gain access to exclusive content for complete renewable energy solutions. 

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