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Riser spools & spacer spools

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Spacer spools

Riser/spacer spools are pressure containing pieces of equipment designed to provide separation between two components.

Designed and manufactured in accordance with market specifications using only the highest quality materials.

These spools can be manufactured with a variety of end outlet configurations which can be used between or below drill-through equipment to adjust the height of the stack or assemblies and flow line components.

Probe can accommodate even the most stringent specifications and are one of few companies globally which holds the materials to produce 18.3/4” x 15,000 flanged adapter spools within a very short lead time.

This offering includes adaptor spools which have end connections of different nominal sizes and/or pressure ratings which can be used to connect other pieces of equipment with varying sizes or pressure ratings.

Delivered by Probe Oil Tools

Probe Oil Tools is a specialist provider of high-specification pressure-control equipment. The company operates from a purpose-built machine shop, equipped with the latest C.N.C. machine tools.

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