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WATCH: Portable Remotely Operated Drill PROD5 in action


With the rapid acceleration of the offshore wind market and the move to deeper water and more challenging ground conditions, operators are looking to obtain the superior geotechnical data they need to enable their energy transition projects.

The latest generation of PROD has radical new functionality, including nearly double the tool load of previous systems and a drill enhancement package (DEP). The DEP sits under the drill module and provides a second drive head, elevator cylinder, cuttings pump and clamp set (like a PROD within a PROD). The DEP enables simultaneous casing and drilling to ensure the borehole is always supported. The casing can now be set at any depth, rather than being an integral of the standard casing length, which provides greater flexibility when encountering challenging soils, whether during sampling or performing cone penetration testing (CPT).

See our Portable Remotely Operated Drill PROD5 in action during the test pilot in Galveston, TX and view our new animation:

Customers benefit from

  • Market-leading seabed sampling and in situ testing enabling design and analysis
  • A drill module that is suitable for shallow and deepwater operations up to 4000 m
  • 3x greater productivity compared to a drillship
  • Improved functionality with penetration depth to 150 m

Innovative technology drives value


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