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International Partnering Forum (IPF)

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April 22 - April 25

The International Partnering Forum (IPF) is the premier offshore wind energy conference in the Americas. Hosted by the Business Network for Offshore Wind.

Acteon is a Silver Sponsor at this conference and will also exhibit. We look forward to meeting with our existing and future clients at the show.

Stand: 1313

Hear from our experts in the following sessions:

Lunch Session: Winds of Change: Navigating the Transatlantic Offshore Energy Landscape
Details: The prospects for offshore wind energy in both the United States and Europe present extensive opportunities. However, variations in their future paths arise from factors such as policy, market maturity, and geographic considerations. Although European expertise and technologies offer valuable insights, it is crucial to acknowledge that the conditions and challenges in the United States may vary significantly.
Join this session to witness discussions among industry experts from both sides of the Atlantic, as they explore the potential of leveraging the finest European experiences, technologies and lessons alongside the opportunities presented by the United States to fully unlock the Offshore Wind market’s capabilities.
Moderator: Barry Parsons, Chief Commercial Officer, Acteon
Speakers: Amanda Lefton, Vice President of Development, US East RWE, Michael Brown, Country Manager US, Ocean Winds
Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2024
Time: 11:30 AM -1:00 PM
Location: Rooms 208-209

Workshop Sessions

Workshop Name: Best Practice in Pile Run Mitigation
Details: In the dynamic realm of offshore environments, challenging seabed conditions can increase risk during installation, sometimes leading to a phenomenon known as a “pile run.” This can ultimately cause other challenges, such as damages to the installation infrastructure or supporting resources, and even yield negative environmental impacts. This workshop is designed to foster a deep understanding of best practices and innovative strategies for identifying pile run risks and mitigation techniques for preventing and correcting misalignments. Panellists will explore cutting-edge installation methods that enhance project resilience, discuss monitoring systems designed to detect early signs of pile run, and share the importance of robust contingency plans to address issues during installation or operation. Attendees will hear about real-world challenges such as the presence of glauconite in the Northeast U.S. and analyze real-world success stories of using advanced geotechnical surveys for seabed analysis.
Speaker: Fabian Hippe, Managing Director, MENCK (a brand in Acteon’s Engineering, Moorings and Foundations division)
Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Time: 1:00PM – 2:00PM
Location: Room 211-213

Workshop Name: The Next Frontier: How AI and Robotics Will Impact Offshore Wind
Details: 2024 is the year that AI goes mainstream. It will touch every facet of our lives, including the offshore wind industry. Discover how digital innovations are redefining the offshore wind industry and enhancing safety and operational reliability, while driving cost efficiency. This workshop explores the transformative impact of AI, big data, robotics, and automation with practical insights on their application for predictive maintenance and performance optimization. Learn from industry experts how digital technologies such as advanced robotics and automated operations improve the sustainability and profitability of offshore wind projects, and significantly reduce risks and downtime.
Wolfgang Ruf, Strategic Business Development Manager, Pulse Structural Monitoring (a brand in Acteon’s Data and Robotics division)
Luiza Ferreira, Principle Engineer, 2H (a brand in Acteon’s Engineering, Moorings and Foundations division)
Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2024
Time: 3:34PM – 4:45PM
Location: Rooms 218 -219

Workshop Name: Deciphering the O&M Puzzle to Streamline Wind Farm Operations
Details: Gain a thorough understanding of the unique challenges offshore wind developers and operators face in maintaining extensive subsea marine infrastructure, and how to better equip project teams for operations and maintenance (O&M) planning and readiness. Attendees will gain introductory knowledge of key O&M cycle aspects and acquire tools and strategies to optimize approaches and costs. This panel of developers and operators will provide an outline of core O&M problems across a variety of topics, such as local regulations, monitoring and inspection technology, logistics, and more to communicate their needs to the broader offshore wind industry. Join us to collectively address the challenges and innovate toward effective O&M marine infrastructure management.
Speaker: Dharmik Vadel, Vice President, Clarus Subsea Integrity (a brand in Acteon’s Engineering, Moorings and Foundations division)
Date: Thursday, April 25, 2024
Time: 2:00PM – 3:00PM
Location: Rooms 215-216

FloatON Summit Presentation Name: Tech Talks: Stabilizing Technologies, Mooring Systems, Array Design, and Cables
Practical and Cost-Efficient Mooring and Anchoring Solutions for Floating Wind.
Speaker: Tom Fulton, Head of Renewables & Mooring Development, Acteon
Date: Thursday, April 25, 2024
Time: 2:50PM – 3:50PM
Location: Great Hall A&D

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