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We remain committed to complying with our legal and ethical obligations. To achieve this, we have put in place the tools to help us to conduct business appropriately – in an honest, safe, professional, and ethical manner.

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The Group is overseen by a strong governance structure and the direction is set by the Board of Directors and the Group’s Supervisory Board. We establish and maintain committees that oversee and provide quarterly reports to the Boards on the management of our key sustainability risks.

Furthermore, we insist on independent third-party representation on both our Governance and Compliance Committee and Environment and Safety Committee.

We track and verify targets, goals, and provide financial records to ensure that we conform to relevant laws in the countries in which we operate. Our policies are in effect across the group to guarantee compliance with the highest level of ethical conduct. Regarding the recent data privacy laws, Acteon protects and respects your personal data complying with all relevant local legal obligations as well as apply increased scrutiny around cybersecurity controls.

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We believe in acting with care and responsibility towards our employees and the wider society and are adapting our business strategy to be fully aligned with these values. Our principles guide how we behave towards each other and with customers and the supply chain: collaboration, fresh thinking, commitment, and proactivity.

Central to how we conduct our business is integrity. We prohibit bribery and the making of undue payments or kickbacks in any form, whether direct or indirect or in the public or private sector. Each employee is issued our detailed Compliance Handbook, follows regular compliance training, and is offered guidance. A decade ago, we established an “Acteon Compliance Hotline” that provides a means for our employees, agents, directors, and temporary personnel to inform us of possible breaches of our ethical principles. As employees, our business partners, such as joint venture partners, agents, distributors/suppliers, representatives, and subcontractors who act on our behalf, are subject to all of Acteon’s ethics requirements.

We endorse human rights and ethical labour standards. Acteon is committed to ensuring that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in its supply chains or any part of the Group’s business. Our full statement is available here.


Acteon's Interim Environmental, Social and Governance Report

2021 mid-year report

Acteon has a major role to play in driving the sustainability agenda and enabling the energy transition. Our services and capabilities support the application of renewable energy and help to decommission and remediate redundant oil and gas infrastructure. Download our report to learn more about our decisions that will protect the world of tomorrow.