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Floating renewable energy: the obvious answer to offshore oil and gas assets electrification

Integrating floating oil and gas and renewables

Acteon is currently working with floating hull designers and talking to operators in the North Sea to provide integrated services for the quick installation of floating renewables solutions to oil and gas asset electrification.

Whether it’s floating wind turbines or floating wave energy converters, they can provide intermittent power to floating production systems.

Installing close to floating oil and gas assets can be challenging because of rules and safety regulations. Acteon has installed both FPSO, semi-subs and wave energy convertors, including the first in a 500-m exclusion zone on the UK Continental Shelf. We also have considerable experience in mooring drilling rigs close to other infrastructure, enabling us to efficiently and safely custom design mooring and cable systems and carefully plan installations. Our engineering teams can deliver global simulations and hydrodynamic analysis that are currently being used to evaluate the feasibility of future floating wind developments. Early engagement with a group with such a wide breadth of services as Acteon allows the efficient integration of asset integrity monitoring devices in the design of the asset and ultimately a longer asset life.

Contact the Acteon team to see how we can help with your floating wind needs.

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Acteon’s expertise in mooring design and marine installation spans decades. We apply our deep domain expertise to help you choose the best options, from anchoring to cable laying to installation methods, to mitigate technical risks and lower the levellised cost of energy (LCOE).

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Acteon’s solid domain knowledge in mooring design and offshore mooring operations spans the globe. We have installed some of the largest offshore assets in all water depths. We provide an integrated service covering the entire project lifecycle, from engineering, mooring design, procurement, and installation, through to maintenance and decommissioning.

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Let’s enable innovation

At Acteon, we know that smart technology and innovation are the key to reduce projects footprints, risk and overall costs.

We leverage our profound, cross-disciplinary understanding and execution of design and engineering interactions across the project life cycle to come up with innovative and creative solutions to the most complex projects.

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