The Acteon PACER programme is something different, designed for results driven people who want to determine the pace of their leadership career. Whether you are from within or outside the Acteon group it doesn't matter, what does is the evident attitude, aptitude and resilience in your career so far. Having some experience in the Oil and Gas industry is useful but not the be all and end all. What is important is your demonstrable exposure to some or all of the following; business start-up; mergers and acquisitions associated with the business integration; business transformation all allied with a strong commercial focus.

In the early months you will be tasked with a breadth of projects and deliveries designed to immerse you into the business. These will develop your relationship network, test your drive and resilience and upon completion will be celebrated. PACERS that take these challenges head on and come through with confidence and humility could find themselves becoming a company MD sooner than they thought possible. 

What does it take to be a PACER?

Highly demanding, fast-paced and dynamic, the role of PACER is only for those with exceptional qualities. To take on the PACER programme, you must have each of the following skills.

Can you analyse problems and devise practical solutions under pressure?
Are you able to work fluidly with a varied team as well as by yourself?
Do you have the ability to adapt your skills in an ever-changing environment?
Do you have the courage to confront challenges and conflict?
Are you consistently driven to deliver high standards and achieve the best results?

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