Mooring Record Moored Semisubmersible Rig On Buntal Exploration Well

InterMoor has participated in installing the world's deepest conventional mooring system.

The company worked with Murphy Sabah Oil Company and its partner Petronas Carigali to moor Diamond Offshore’s Ocean Rover semisubmersible rig on the Buntal exploration well, offshore Sabah, East Malaysia.

Two of the rig’s anchors were set in more than 2400 m of water. The deepest leg of the eight-leg conventional mooring system reached 2570 m. InterMoor provided mooring analysis, installation procedures and installation supervision on the project.

Each mooring leg consisted of a 10-t Stevpris anchor with the rig’s self-contained wire and chain and was deployed using the anchor-handling vessels Normand Ivan and Normand Atlantic.

“We are proud of this accomplishment,” said Tom Fulton, president, InterMoor, “because, as the drilling industry moves into deeper and deeper waters, we are proving that we can continue to provide the necessary resources, techniques and experience.”

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