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Technology implementation

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Partnership delivers low-risk, service-led exposure to innovation

Acteon’s operating companies are leaders in their own fields, but partnerships with niche technology developers have the potential to deliver value for Acteon and our customers. We continuously evaluate complementary new third-party technologies and are ready to use any that help us deliver better outcomes.

Technology gains

New technologies have the potential to drive down cost, increase reliability and improve integrity assessment throughout the life of oil and gas fields. However, the oils and gas industry may be risk averse when considering their implementation, especially in new projects where established approaches are available. In contrast, the offshore renewables sector is driven by new technology implementation, which is essential for achieving the lowest possible cost of energy.

Acteon’s service led approach is based on strong domain knowledge and not primarily driven by developing new proprietary technologies. Instead, our products and services are trusted because they are field proven and have long service track records or have been developed incrementally over generations. Recognising the potential for new technologies to bring value to our oil and gas customers, and the need to provide them in the renewable and other offshore sectors, Acteon offers strategic innovations enabled by technology implementation.

Strong partnerships

Acteon applies domain expertise and knowledge of existing technologies to identifying complementary new technologies from trusted companies and academic institutions. Each is rigorously evaluated, qualified and tested before being offered alongside established Acteon technologies. This process ensures we have confidence in technologies that we are not directly invested in and enables rapid response when a new technology solution is needed.

Strategic innovations enabled by technology implementation give customers in all offshore sectors responsive, service-led exposure to the latest technologies with lower risk than standalone technology implementation.

Integrity management Integrity management
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Flexible Riser Integrity Monitoring Wirebreak fatigue from Pulse Flexible Riser Integrity Monitoring Wirebreak fatigue from Pulse
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