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Electronics and tooling


Multipurpose, versatile and lightweight remotely operated underwater vehicles

VALOR in use near bridge

We maintain a comprehensive rental fleet of versatile and lightweight observation ROVs. They have powerful station keeping capability with more thrust than any vehicle in its class, as well as the ability to manage complex tooling and sensor packages with ethernet connectivity.

The VALOR (Versatile and Lightweight Observation ROV) is the most powerful Observation ROV available in its class. With the highest payload and unrivalled power, it allows for a lower footprint and reduced costs. The versatility of VALOR is also limitless given the available bandwidth allowing the ROV to manage complex tooling and sensor packages.

VALOR has been deployed around the world and has successfully completed various scopes of work: UWILD, diver monitoring, scour assessment, anchor deployment and general visual inspections

Solving your most pressing challenges

We simplify operations by providing a small and flexible yet robust and powerful observation ROV. This new generation of observation class ROVs has survey and inspection capabilities beyond those of other vehicles in its class.

How can I manage complex tooling and sensor packages on a small observation ROV?

Acteon solution

With access to our hugely competitive rental pool, the VALOR has and can be used for diver-less UWILD, windfarm operations and multiple other offshore IMR type applications normally carried out by much larger, more complex ROV systems.

Proof points

  • We can offer the VALOR ROV with a suite of sensors and survey/inspection tools from our fleet of over 9000 subsea electronics items.
  • A dedicated 10-kW power supply is available to the user via a dedicated auxiliary connector, enabling the use of more power-hungry tooling, such as cleaners and water-jetting tools, without the need for an additional umbilical.
  • We also provide additional trusted services of system integration engineering, personnel support, bespoke cable moulding shops and sensor calibration labs.
  • The VALOR has a 10-Gb/s Ethernet-based connection (expandable up to about 100 Gb/s) with throughput to five highly configurable sensor ports, Dual GigE cameras supplied as standard and three camera connectors. This allows for video and real-time 3D modelling to be distributed easily on a network connection.
  • The VALOR can hold as much as 19 kg of tooling and sensor equipment in various configurations. At just 86 kg in air, the VALOR is one of the lightest vehicles in its class and can be mobilised onto significantly smaller vessels.

How can I ensure my small ROV is easy to pilot and reliable enough to hold station?

Acteon solution

The VALOR boasts an unrivalled 20kW power and propulsion system, enabling the user to utilise the full thruster capacity without compromising payload operations. Efficient piloting in turn reduces downtime.

Proof points

  • The system is 300m rated with 1000m option available.
  • The VALOR has been deployed around the world and has worked in challenging environments globally, including the North Sea, Brazil, USA, Baltic Sea, and Asia Pacific.
  • Pilot-aiding features including syntonic control were incorporated into the VALOR.
  • The VALOR has independently-verified 3-knot station-keeping capability.
  • The VALOR can be operated in a semi-autonomous mode, via satellite or radio communications.

Electronics and Tooling specialisms

We are your global marine technology specialist providing bespoke remote access, inspection and survey construction solutions. With deep domain expertise for over 40 years, we are an established market leader in the delivery of manned or autonomous solutions that use a significantly smaller, more versatile platforms to conduct subsea activities vs typical solutions.