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Inspection and monitoring

Technologies to empower data driven decision making and support safe, efficient performance and asset integrity.

With over a decade of experience across the development of fixed offshore wind markets in Europe, and in other markets internationally, Acteon covers your needs with a comprehensive range of inspection, structural health and balance of plant services.

We capture data through survey, inspection and monitoring. This includes environmental, metocean, vessel motion and position and chemical analysis data, all of which provide the context in which the asset operates.

Acteon also measures a full range of primary and secondary dynamic responses across structures in the marine environment to determine how the asset is reacting to its environment in terms of fatigue, vibration, strain, displacement, anode degradation and corrosion. Our significant range of analysis tooling also provides automated condition monitoring, and an insightful view of marine infrastructure behaviour and maintenance requirements.

Solving your most pressing challenges

We offer end-to-end solutions to collect, orchestrate, process and display your real-time and inspection data, developing insights to drive operational performance, enhance integrity and help you decide late-life options.

How can I find ONE partner with a holistic monitoring approach for my project?

Acteon solution
Through early engagement and close collaboration with our clients, we join up various stages of the process and provide an end-to-end solution. We start by defining the perceived operational risk or challenge moving through sensor specification and deployment, data acquisition and processing as well as our integrated cloud-based services including real-time analytics and visualisation.

Proof points

  • We work closely with international supply chains, specialist resources and management ensuring we can deliver our best available technology internationally in a safe, reliable and cost-effective manner.
  • We combine the measurement of system stimuli, response and inspection data to provide a solid basis for long-term planning and operational decision-making.
  • We are a global company and work with the largest operators and contractors to support their operations where they need it when they need it.
  • Our powerful autonomous capabilities and remote connectivity solutions enable operational optimisation reducing POB and intervention costs.

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How can I make sure anomalies are detected in time, without impact on safety and operations?

Acteon solution
Each intervention is as individual as each client asset, but our approach is always the same: deploying the most appropriate technology to measure and monitor the asset and integrate all the collected data into a single environment for interpretation and analysis.

Proof points

  • We design and deploy services that collect the data in the most efficient package without compromising on the quality of the data.
  • We interpret the data to identify the long-term impact on asset performance to verify the design, provide remedial recommendations and confirm/extend the life of the asset.
  • We set up automated triggers that provide instant confirmation of any real-time failures or anomalies that could impact marine life, the environment, or the integrity of the asset.
  • We hold the data within the NX2 integrated digital platform to perform predictive analysis and digital twinning of the asset.

Read the case study: Chevron Tahiti Riser Fatigue Monitoring (RFM) project

Can you provide and help me manage the data I need to optimise operations and reduce risk?

Acteon solution
We define the complete structural health monitoring solution with the client, from defining the issue to choosing sensor options, setting up KPI-based alarms and condition monitoring measurements, to processing and analysing the data for operational optimisation.

Proof points

  • We offer the seamless collection, storage, orchestration and processing of your data to simplify interfaces and to maximise the value of insight.
  • We optimise data handling by integrating it from sensor to edge to cloud to handheld device through our advanced NX2 digital eco-system.
  • Not only do we measure and collect data, but we also manage all your data in one place allowing us to combine data sets, identify relationships and derive critical insights.
  • We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our services by employing automation, remote support and digital platforms whilst delivering the continuous insight required to support life-extension decisions.

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How can I develop the right metrics and use standardised ways to monitor assets?

Acteon solution
Our infrastructure and monitoring modules allow us to build the right solution from the outset. We work closely with the client to determine what they are trying to find out by monitoring and specify what needs to be measured to accomplish this goal.

Proof points

  • We can apply our domain knowledge built on an impressive worldwide track record of hundreds of projects monitoring dynamic and corrosion prone systems in the renewables, oil and gas and nearshore marine markets.
  • Our solution is built around standardised concepts and technology building blocks that are customised to every unique requirement. Our digital platforms integrate into the client’s infrastructure or we can provide data via our data portals or more bespoke networks.
  • Our modular solution can later be enhanced or reconfigured if the customer wants to further extend and standardise the service package to suit multiple needs.
  • The Pulse NX2 subsea data hubs and loggers offer the possibility of powerful data analysis autonomously coupled with super-fast acoustic modem data transmission. This enables near-real-time insight, for instance, fatigue damage analysis, where a wired system is not feasible and with the minimum intervention by ROV.
  • Our cloud-based infrastructure collates and orchestrates data throughout the life of the asset, keeping it reliable and easily accessible for publication, analysis or visualisation.

Read the case study: Free-standing Hybrid Riser (FSHR) tension monitoring in deepwater West Africa

How do I extend the life of the asset beyond its original intended lifespan?

Acteon solution
We monitor and measure environmental stimuli and system responses and use this data to analyse the useful lifespan of the asset, allowing you to make the case for life extension.

Proof points

  • Our proven track record extends across monitoring, measurement, inspection and analysis and we deliver as a seamless team.
  • We train digital twins with our data to further enhance the insight we provide over the life of an asset.
  • We can provide these data collection and analysis services for life extension across the world and in any market, from oil and gas to renewables.

How can I reduce my asset-liability and inspection costs by improving monitoring?

Acteon solution
We provide advanced condition monitoring of platforms and other structures which provide sufficient insight to allow a reduction in and/or more focused inspection regime.

Proof points

  • Our systems provide long term indicators into structural or CP health but also notify the operator when anomalies or alarms are triggered
  • Where critical operational criteria are met, Acteon can offer 24/7 over-watch to support our customers via our NX2 digital platform

Do I need a digital twin for my asset?

Acteon solution
We use empirical measurements to calibrate our engineering-based models and simulate the impact of stimuli on the asset and infer insight into the future behaviour of the structure.

Proof points

  • Our digital infrastructure and analytics toolset enables our applications to be employed cost-effectively on a wide range of assets whilst providing the maximum of insight.
  • We offer digital twinning as part of our seamless service maximising the value of design verification, operational insight and life extension.
  • The use of digital twins allows Acteon to provide structural health monitoring across an entire wind farm identifying issues on the main structure of any of the turbines, in real time as well as building a longer-term picture of the structural health of the assets.
  • The use of digital twinning as part of an integrated digital infrastructure reduces the need for POB and maintenance whilst optimising insight.

A proven suite of products and services

From standardised solutions to customised options, our engineering and service departments offer a wide range of in-house software, digital platforms and sensors to deliver insightful data to your desktop.


Working in partnership with contractors and operators allows us to provide long term and/or ad-hoc support when required throughout a project’s entire lifecycle.