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Geotechnical site investigation


PROD being launched into sea

Customers gain the insight to optimally position and design subsea structures with Acteon’s end-to-end solution. 

By working in partnership with Acteon, contractors and operators benefit from: 

  • Highly accurate data in the most challenging conditions; in proximity to existing platforms, pipelines or seabed structures; and across all ground conditions and slopes, using the world’s safest, most commercially and environmentally efficient, geotechnical seafloor drill; our proprietary Portable Remotely Operated Drill (PROD) 
  • High-quality geotechnical data to validate or reduce the conservatism in designs; minimising foundation dimension and resulting in significant cost savings.  
  • A lower cost per meter of data than other testing methods achieved by conducting multiple borings in a single deployment at depths in excess of 130m. 
  • Onshore and offshore laboratory testing services for rapid results. 


Solving your most pressing challenges

Acteon helps customers to gain the insight to optimise their subsea installations and infrastructure.

We need a strategic partner who can deliver highly accurate, timely data - enabling our project to stay on schedule, and on budget

Acteon solution 

We apply our extensive sea floor drilling experience to any soil and surface condition across the globe to deliver highly accurate data, without compromising on quality or operational safety. 

Proof points 

  • Our geoscientists optimise a field programme so only necessary data is collected to provide certainty and meet assurance requirements. 
  • Time saving efficiencies achieved through a self-contained solution that takes all tooling to the seafloor on its first deployment, enabling multiple tasks in a single launch and avoiding resurfacing to fit or replace drill bits. 
  • We provide a proven solution that is five times faster than a drill ship, resulting in a reduction in field days, personnel on board (POB), mobilisation costs and fuel burn. 
  • Our geotechnical data management system is highly automated allowing data to be processed and sent to customers as soon as practical after data acquisition.  

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Offshore Argentina Site Investigation

We need a solution to deliver the maximum local content

Acteon solution 

Acteon has strategically located bases around the globe, enabling us to perform in-region laboratory testing, equipment assembly and mobilisation which is compliant to regional regulations. We provide in-region personnel to save air miles and can leverage local supply chains to use capable vessels, suitable for the local weather and sea conditions, to optimise uptime and minimise expenditure. 

Proof points 

  • We have completed over 70 geotechnical projects around the globe. 
  • We regularly work remotely and configure our services to work with local supply chains with whom we have formed long-standing relationships.  
  • Our onshore laboratory in Brazil enables us to provide high-quality geotechnical testing and timely data delivery to avoid the risks and delays associated with international transit. 

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Petrobras Libra Site Investigation

We need a proven offshore solution which delivers the highest levels of safety, minimising the project risk

Acteon solution 

Acteon helps customers to safely acquire geotechnical data by providing a seafloor drill solution that is remotely controlled from a vessel, making it inherently safer than a traditional drillship. 

Proof points 

  • Our seafloor drills remove most of the safety hazards of operating rotating machinery. 
  • Equipment is remotely operated enabling us to deploy seabed drills close to assets and move the vessel a safe distance away to conduct geotechnical studies. 
  • We work closely with customers to optimise the drilling strategy and utilise PROD to therefore reduce the offshore scope of work. 

We need a solution that solves specific project challenges such as, slopes, weather, currents, remote location, working close to live assets

Acteon solution 

Using our proprietary Portable Remotely Operated Drill (PROD), Acteon’s team of experienced geotechnical engineers provide a complete remotely operated seabed drilling and geotechnical testing system, capable of operating in challenging conditions such as on slopes and near live infrastructure. 

Proof points 

  • We can work in challenging soil conditions by deploying proprietary drilling systems suitable for conditions from very weak fine-grained soils to competent igneous rock. 
  • We can operate PROD in challenging environments such as next to platforms, on slopes and remote locations. 
  • We have developed routine maintenance plans and operational procedures to allow us to enter into areas such as protected marine parks or work alongside existing assets with low operational risk. 
  • We use clear procedures, backed up with competency training of our teams aboard capable vessels to minimise risk across all operations. 

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Woodside Scarborough site investigation

Geo-services specialisms 

Offering a single point of contact to drive project efficiency; our focus is to give customers the insight to optimise their subsea installations and infrastructure.