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Structural Monitoring

Digital Insights

Collection and orchestration of data for better and more timely operational decision making.

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Acteon provide complete data and insight solutions at any or every point of the end-to-end data journey to maximise your operations in a safe manner, covering design, deployment, collection, analysis and visualisation.

Our solutions provide long-term confidence in the performance, stability and rigidity of energy infrastructure, build the case for life extension for increased payback, and help remove conservatism from engineering designs. 

To do this, we have created a toolset comprised of building block technologies, connectors and software modules to integrate local data acquisition with cloud-based processing capabilities and web-enabled visualisation. We have also developed market-leading data loggers and our proprietary NX2 data hub technology, an integrated platform for collection, storage, analysis and visualization. The NX2 digital platform integrates the complex elements of hardware infrastructure together with embedded firmware, interfaces and modular software to access and process field data, visualising the data and insight through configurable web-accessible portals as well as through edge- and server-based interfaces. 

Our global team of analysts provide a 24/7 overwatch service to get data and processed insight to our customers quickly, often in real-time, to enable better and more timely operational decision-making.  

Solving your most pressing challenges

Acteon provides 24/7 access to the largest, and most reliable, global inventory of equipment for sale or rental combining innovation, logistical expertise and engineering experience to solve any mooring challenge.

How do I gather and orchestrate specialist data from the field simply, consistently and reliably?

Acteon solution: 

We design, deploy, and maintain an independent monitoring solution; choosing the best technology and equipment for the task at hand, and for the operating environment. 

Proof points: 

  • We design systems that have the capability to collect data from a diverse set of structures and environments including corrosion, reference data, PH levels, wave radars, motion, vibration, torsion and load – and can integrate the data to provide a complete picture of the scenario. 
  • Our deep domain knowledge enables us to provide an end-to-end solution taking into account multiple stimuli and conditions; leaning into our engineering expertise on corrosion, motion, vibration, torsion, and load and their impact on dynamic systems. 
  • We are experts in the design, creation and deployment of an optimal solution; combining sensor specialists, IT specialists, applications and mechatronics experts. 
  • We compress or transform the data in the sensor to reduce the bandwidth required to transmit the data making the delivery of data feasible in the deepest locations versus typical acoustic retrieval. 

Read our case study:
Monitoring accumulated conductor fatigue damage in the Gulf of Mexico

Can you support my data collection - from simple data logging to complex synchronisation for deeper insights?

Acteon solution: 

We take responsibility for the logging, collection and processing of data from your energy infrastructure; providing either a partial or full end-to-end solution to simplify the service. 

Proof points: 

  • We have the global reach to be in the field as soon as possible to manage and maintain any of your data collection equipment. 
  • We develop systems that bundle our own technology with that of preferred vendors or can independently source the best technology for the task at hand, saving our clients time when developing an end-to-end solution. 
  • We can provide near- and real-time data and deliver it from the sensor to the screen in an instant; using sophisticated data acquisition systems (DAQs) with integrated processing capabilities that get you the data faster and visualise it so you can make more informed decisions. 
  • We provide monitoring systems that provide robust data sets for certain applications that provide insight on the load and calculate fatigue versus the agreed KPIs, to understand if the structure is exceeding its limits, or is within its design capability. 

Read our case study:
Pioneering steel lazy wave riser monitoring system to combat slugging fatigue in ultra-deep water

How can we use data and digital insights to extend the life of our assets?

Acteon solution: 

We provide a variety of solutions that range from simple automated alarms that confirm the ability to operate in extreme weather to complex system design to monitor a field of assets for their entire design life. Each solution is purpose-built using the best and most appropriate technology. 

Proof points: 

  • We work across several industries including renewables and oil and gas, sharing best practice solutions for marine energy infrastructure. 
  • We use asset monitoring to maintain the asset in top condition and provide robust evidence of asset health to insurance, classification societies and government officials to obtain a license to extend the life of the project and increase commercial payback. 
  • We design systems that identify short-term issues, provide a prognosis for the mid-term and combine real-time data with historical field data to identify how the asset could perform in the long term. 
  • We use digital services and software to provide a complete dossier of the relevant data from day one of the project which shows the impact of the environment on the structure. 

Read our case study:
Chevron Tahiti Riser Fatigue Monitoring (RFM) project

How can I use digital twins to enhance the overall operational decision making

Acteon solution: 

We develop digital twins that can help you at any stage of your lifecycle; from planning and verifying conservatism in design to supporting the optimisation of the operation and building the case for asset life extension. 

Proof points: 

  • We have a team of domain experts who combine an understanding of structures and dynamic systems – such as risers, cables and moorings and combine it with a knowledge of equipment and technology to develop monitoring systems that collect reliable data that feeds into the digital twin to optimise operational insight. 
  • We use our domain expertise and experience in other segments to embed algorithms to train the digital model and speed up the timeline from developing the digital twin to processing and actioning the data for operational gain. 
  • Our NX2 platform can interface with any device for data transfer, and specialist device for data collection, creating a simple way to integrate existing technology or build bespoke systems without compromising on data reliability. 
  • We used digital twins to predict the collective impact of the environment on an entire wind farm by comparing simple indicators of 70 masts and aggregating them with more complex data collected on a sample of towers.  

Do you offer long-term agreements to supply us with data and insights?

Acteon solution: 

We are experts in system design, who don’t just sell individual devices but focus on supporting our clients with the development of their digital eco-system and creating monitoring solutions that provide critical insight about the performance of the asset, across the life of the asset. 

Proof points: 

  • We enter into long-term service-level agreements with clients where we inspect and maintain the equipment beyond its natural warranty, monitor the data, and routinely maintain our equipment; a notable difference from OEMs who typically are only interested in equipment sales. 
  • We maintain the digital system as well as the physical systems – regularly fixing and patching any software to keep up with client software updates. 
  • We have built a proprietary software platform (NX2) that is focused on providing support for our clients’ entire data journey; collating, storing and transforming data into the critical insight to optimise operations for the length of their performance. 

Can you provide a simpler interface for designing and procuring the optimal solution for my assets?

Acteon solution: 

We work with global suppliers and manage the entire process from requirements through to system design, deployment and ongoing maintenance of the system. 

Proof points: 

  • We can package the entire solution; by combining our market-leading technology with our clients’ preferred vendors, or by taking an independent view of the available technology to save time and money when designing their monitoring systems. 
  • We focus on developing a system that understands the alarms and interprets what the next best actions are, as opposed to selling sensors that only create the alarms. 
  • We combine the deep domain knowledge of Pulse, with the other specialisms of Acteon (e.g. advanced systems engineering) to develop integrated solutions that combine multiple OEMs equipment into a design with the purpose of providing the insights you need to operate safely and effectively. 

Read our case study: 
Pioneering steel lazy wave riser monitoring system to combat slugging fatigue in ultra-deep water

Structural monitoring specialisms

We have the engineering capabilities to understand your asset integrity and monitoring challenges. Our world-class digital platforms and analysis tools enable our customers to make data-driven decisions. We deliver a total service solution with in-house technology, manufacturing and integration capabilities and support throughout the life of the asset.