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Moorings and anchors

Acteon Moorings and anchors Specialisms Anchor and Mooring Systems Construction

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Anchor and Mooring Systems Construction

Strategically situated, Acteon’s fabrication facility ensures short lead times.

Pile Fabrication

Close-to-market manufacturing capabilities

In the UK, our facilities have developed tight relationships with foundries over the years and can deliver bespoke mooring equipment including quality and safety control, audit reviews, and production schedule and coordination management.

In the USA, InterMoor opened its 24-acre facility in Morgan City, Louisiana, in January 2011 and expanded it to 34 acres in 2013. This ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001-certified site includes two fabrication buildings complete with engineering and design capabilities.

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Solving your most pressing challenges

Acteon provides 24/7 access to the largest, and most reliable, global inventory of equipment for sale or rental combining innovation, logistical expertise and engineering experience to solve any mooring challenge.

Expanded fabrication capacity with Gulf of Mexico access

  • Two buildings with a total 30,000 sq. ft. fabrication area
  • Two 20-tonne overhead cranes, each with a hook height of 30 ft.
  • Two 10-tonne overhead cranes, each with a hook height of 20 ft.
  • One 5-tonne crane
  • A DAVI model 3060, four-roll, fully hydraulic plate rolling machine (has CNC control capabilities and can roll up to 2 ¾” thick mild steel and accommodate plate widths of up to 10 ft., allowing production ranges from 9 ft. OD up to 20 ft. OD) (see our video and our animation in the Downloads section on this page)
  • A 2,250 sq. ft. computer numerical control (CNC) workspace
  • A new KOIKE ARONSON Model 3100 cutting machine with Hypertherm Edge-Pro and Koike Drive Interface with operator console
  • 12 ft. by 42 ft. water cutting table with plasma and oxy-fuel capabilities
  • A 5 ft. by 15 in. Carlton radial arm drill press
  • Waterfront access for easy load-out

Fabrication and repair capabilities

  • Suction pile anchors and foundations 
  • Conductors
  • Plate and SEPLA anchors 
  • Anchor fabrication and repair
  • Buoy fabrication and repair 
  • Drilling templates 
  • Interface modules 
  • Mud mats 
  • Riser clamps 
  • Shipping skids 
  • Centralisers 
  • Jacking pedestals 
  • Subsea tree frames 
  • Shackles 
  • Swivels 
  • Toolboxes 
  • Coffer dams 
  • Land skid beams 

Strategically situated in the heart of the offshore Gulf of Mexico market, InterMoor’s fabrication facility in Morgan City, Louisiana, ensures that equipment is delivered with the shortest lead times. 


Manufacturing approach shortens lead times

The close relationship between InterMoor’s in-house engineering and fabrication departments facilitates a staged manufacturing approach. Unlike typical contract fabrication that requires the fabrication drawing package to be finalised prior to initiating fabrication, InterMoor’s staged process allows manufacturing to begin, as engineering specs come in, compressing delivery schedules and reducing costs. 

Quality assurance

The products and services offered by InterMoor are backed by our comprehensive ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance Programme. 

Moorings and Anchors specialisms

Acteon is a global leader in mooring and anchor life-cycle management for floating energy infrastructure. Serving the marine energy infrastructure with a complete range of mooring and installation services combined with engineering intelligence to deliver an optimised solution, we reduce time, footprint, cost and risk for temporary and permanent moorings.