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Procurement & supply chain support

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Acteon supports all levels of the supply chain throughout the lifecycle of a project. With superior expertise, a jacket structure will be securely anchored to the seabed in the most cost- effective way.

In support of a project, Acteon provides a complete service including QHSE support, logistics, training, technicians and parts supply.

We offer full procurement and supply chain support, including quality inspectors and quality auditors for an end-to-end solution for clients’ challenges. Acteon is a global business with facilities in Europe, US and Asia-Pacific with multiple crews offshore at any given time. With over 150 years of experience driving piles, we confidently support any subsea pile driving project anywhere, for any business.

Acteon provides innovative solutions, superior quality and unbeatable service for all of its products and service offerings.

Achieving excellent service and customer satisfaction requires fast response time, understanding customer objectives and dedication to completing a job well done. To ensure excellent quality of services and products, we continuously plan and monitor all business processes. Implementing improvement initiatives for their processes involving not only employee feedback but also close involvement of clients.

Delivered by MENCK

MENCK provides specialised hydraulic piledriving solutions and project management for customers in renewables, oil, gas and civil engineering.

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Acteon solutions can simplify the interface between Acteon and customers that need more than one of its strategic business segments and product and service line brands to address their marine energy and infrastructure challenges, whatever their scale and complexity. Each combination is packaged as a customer-specific integrated solution and delivered through a single Acteon point of contact under a single contract.

foundations and cables
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High-quality, engineered solutions for marine energy infrastructure.

We apply decades of experience to provide foundations, flexibles and HV electrification services for marine energy assets. We are recognised as technical experts in advancing “smart” technology and trusted to deliver high-quality, engineered solutions to our customers in the most challenging conditions.

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