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Power cable repair services

Aquatic Power Cable Repair

Fleet flexibility combined with speedy mobilisation has been instrumental in delivering suitable equipment for power cable repair spread in a response time that supports both clients and project expectations.

Acteon has undertaken numerous power cable repair projects across Europe in recent years.

Acteon’s road transportable reel, AQSR-08 Storage and Installation Reel, has been instrumental in this success; its ability to be transported quickly and with comparative low-cost compliments the need for rapid response. This reel can be combined with several of our reel drive systems for optimum selection dependant on reel weight and vessel space.

Delivered by Aquatic

Aquatic is a global leader in laying and retrieving flexible products from the seabed for customers in the offshore renewable and oil and gas energy markets.

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Integrate this product

Acteon solutions can simplify the interface between Acteon and customers that need more than one of its strategic business segments and product and service line brands to address their marine energy and infrastructure challenges, whatever their scale and complexity. Each combination is packaged as a customer-specific integrated solution and delivered through a single Acteon point of contact under a single contract.

MENCK Marine Foundations
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