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Engineering services

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LDD provides design and engineering capability with proven fast track delivery of custom solutions to tight time frames, whilst ensuring the equipment performs right, first time.

Bespoke design, temporary works design and integration support.

Underpinned by LDD’s design, engineering and marine contracting expertise, they design and build solutions to suit their foundation installation services, or clients’ individual project requirements.

By designing and building custom equipment, LDD is not constrained by the availability of existing equipment in the market and can focus on developing the right solution for clients’ project needs. This gives LDD the opportunity to finesse equipment by incorporating lessons learned from previous experience, accommodating any changes in legislation and best practice. This ensures that equipment is optimised in terms of health and safety and operability.

A key strength is LDD’s ability to design integrated electrical systems, instrumentation and hydraulic control systems which offer sophisticated functions and safety features whilst remaining robust and reliable for operation in the marine environment.

LDD’s most recent development is the design and commissioning of a seabed piling template for pre-installation of jacket foundation piles for a major European wind farm. As well as the structural design, LDD has designed, procured and commissioned the control systems for the manipulation of 2.7m diameter, 60m long piles to ensure verticality and positional control to very tight tolerances. LDD has also incorporated the survey systems for the positioning, monitoring and as-built measurement of the installed piles.

Delivered by LDD

LDD is a specialist marine drilling and construction contractor offering a range of equipment and services associated with installing tubular casings and foundations into the seabed for the renewables, oil and gas, nuclear energy and civil and marine structure and facilities sectors.

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Optimised lifetime station keeping solutions for oil and gas fields in any water depth.

It goes without saying that oil and gas field operators expect their floating facilities to be installed safely, on time and within budget. They also welcome increased efficiencies, seamless project management and efficient data integration. Download this e-book for optimised lifetime station-keeping solutions that serve oil and gas fields in any water depth.

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Integrate this product

Acteon can also offer an integrated project management service. This involves managing the activities of one or more of our companies on a customer’s behalf and providing a single point of contact for all aspects of project management.

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