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Drilling & production riser integrity monitoring, VIV detection, fatigue

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Drilling and Production Riser Integrity Monitoring VIV detection Fatigue from Pulse

The SCRASSURE riser monitoring system from Pulse measures key performance parameters of steel catenary risers (SCR) in support of integrity management, maintenance practices, design validation and improvement of SCR design tools.

Pulse offers multi-deployable integrity monitoring tools for a variety of environments.

In the hang-off region, a hardwired INTEGRIpod™ inclinometer sensor is installed above and below the flex joint. A hardwired INTEGRIstick™ dynamic curvature sensor is installed below the flex joint. The installation of these packages will be carried out prior to SCR installation.

In the touchdown zone, five INTEGRIpod motion data loggers (measuring inclination and 3D acceleration) are installed on the riser by ROVs using ROV deployment interfaces.

A topside data acquisition system gathers data from these sensor packages. Various measured parameters are displayed on a screen and compared with preset thresholds. Where these thresholds are exceeded, alarms are raised by the software.

Delivered by Pulse

Pulse Structural Monitoring is the leader in subsea structural monitoring and helps operators, installation contractors and equipment vendors to understand and improve the operational efficiency, integrity and safety of structural assets.

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Subsea asset integrity management buyers guide

Data-driven solutions for critical deepwater infrastructure

Operators must have a reliable inspection, repair and maintenance process to ensure the integrity of their subsea and marine infrastructure. Download this e-book for data-driven solutions that serve critical deepwater infrastructure.


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