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  • Jet cut with IPC and MSC
    Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

    With extensive experience in specialist cutting projects and manipulator design and development, we offer a market-leading cutting solution. For the…

  • Claxton's additional and replacement conductor guides being fitted
    Additional & Replacement Conductor Guides

    Our detailed and trusted understanding of the well conductor environment has enabled us to deliver numerous projects that extend the…

  • Claxton conductor guide centralizers
    Adjustable Centralizers

    Adjustable conductor guide centralizers are typically fitted at the splash zone level where lateral loads are higher and tighter tolerances…

  • Claxton Bandsaws

    Surface bandsaws include the tubing bandsaw, RAPIER™ bandsaw, and lay flat bandsaw together with accompanying tooling these can all be…

  • Bespoke Centralizers from Claxton
    Bespoke Centralizers

    Acteon have developed new designs and methodologies for the centralization of conductors for new developments as well as for retrofitting…

  • cLAXTON httClaxton platform well abandonment/bop work decks well control packages
    BOP & Well Control Package & BOP Work Decks

    Deep experience with aged interfaces means we are best-placed to recommend and provide the required work package and interfaces to…

  • Claxton Cellar Deck Centralizers
    Cellar Deck Centralizers

    Cellar deck centralizers consist of two halves that clamp to the guide or to the deck structure. The method of…

  • Claxton's cement top up systems
    Cement Top-up Systems

    Ensure conductor integrity with the conductor cement top-up system. A proven and reliable back up to primary cementing, the system…

  • Cold Cutting Services from CIS
    Cold Cutting Services

    As part of the comprehensive conductor installation service, the conductor is cold cut once it has been driven into the…

  • Completion & Workover Riser from SRP
    Completion & Workover Riser

    Nimway is a high capacity, quick make-up riser connector, designed for completion and workover riser applications.

  • Claxton Conductor & casing cold cutting
    Conductor & Casing Cold Cutting

    Flexibility is always a key requirement for cold cutting applications and Claxton’s cold cutting systems can be adjusted on request…

  • Claxton Cementing Support System
    Conductor Cementing Support Systems

    It has become increasingly common for operators to install a jacket, drill through the jacket structure and batch-set the platform’s…

  • Conductor Driving Installation Services from CIS
    Conductor Driving / Installation Services

    Using a fleet of S-90 and S-150 IHC Hydrohammers, conductor installation by means of driving is a clean, fast, reliable…

  • Claxton conductor guide centralizers
    Conductor Guide Centralizers

    Whilst appearing to be simple devices, centralizers provide a service at the critical interface between the platform structure and the…

  • Conductor Handling Tools Equipment from CIS
    Conductor Handling Tools/Equipment

    The equipment used to move conductors from the rig’s V-door, through the derrick, the drill-floor rotary table and the platform…

  • Conductor Pipe Supply from CIS
    Conductor Pipe Supply & Pipe Supply

    Supply of all types of pipe for a driven/piled foundation or conductor for onshore and offshore oil and gas operators.