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  • UTEC Inspection Repair and Maintenance (IRM) Support
    Asset Integrity Management

    Acteon provides survey and inspection services to facilitate the project management, planning and execution of asset integrity management activities.

  • survey vehicle image
    Bathymetry Survey

    We conduct bathymetric surveys using an echo sounder attached to a survey vessel. We can utilise uncrewed survey vessels to…

  • Conductor Integrity Monitoring from Pulse
    Conductor Integrity Monitoring

    The DrillASSURE system allows our clients to continue with drilling operations in harsh conditions where disconnect would previously have been…

  • UTEC Construction Support
    Construction Support Survey

    Experienced offshore teams supported by decades of onshore project management and survey technical support ensuring the highest quality service, minimising…

  • Data and insight campaign near-real time or streaming from Pulse
    Data & Insight: Campaign, Near-Real Time or Streaming

    Acteon supplies structural monitoring services which allow operators and drilling contractors to comply with international regulations, allow safer operations, increase…

  • Desktop studies
    Desktop Studies for Geo-Services

    Desktop studies are conducted during the Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) phase of marine subsea telecommunication projects. The desktop study is…

  • isite subsea
    Digital Solution – iSite

    iSite is a bespoke cloud-based visual asset management tool which allows users to access facilities remotely and collaboratively from their…

  • Laser survey dimensional control
    Dimensional Control

    Acteon undertakes state-of-the-art laser scanning, including the ability to gather subsea point cloud data from high-frequency sonars and laser systems…

  • Downhole Site Investigation – PROD

    Using the high-quality data generated by PROD, Acteon’s team of experienced geotechnical engineers provide a complete solution, from site investigation…

  • Drilling and Production Riser Integrity Monitoring VIV detection Fatigue from Pulse
    Drilling & Production Riser Integrity Monitoring, VIV Detection, Fatigue

    The SCRASSURE riser monitoring system measures key performance parameters of steel catenary risers (SCR) in support of integrity management, maintenance…

  • Drilling Operations - Dynamic Well Specific Operating Guidance
    Drilling Operations – Dynamic Well Specific Operating Guidance

    An extension to the Acteon DrillASSURE solution, the dynamic well specific operating guidance package enables the digitalisation of well specific…

  • Acteon Product Service Image
    Environmental & Metocean Monitoring

    The MarineASSURE™ and INTEGRIportal™ systems and services are built on the latest architectures and technologies which allow us to optionally…

  • Flexible Riser Integrity Monitoring Wirebreak fatigue from Pulse
    Flexible Riser Integrity Monitoring

    The FLEXASSURE flexible riser monitoring system is used to confirm the integrity of the top section of flexible risers by…

  • Benthic Geophysical Survey
    Geophysical Survey

    Working with selected specialist partners, Acteon draws on a full range of survey techniques, from multibeam bathymetry to side-scan sonar…

  • Benthic Geoscience Consulting
    Geoscience Consulting

    Through the work of in-house engineers and selected industry partners, Acteon offers a full range of geotechnical consultancy services to…

  • Acteon Product Service Image
    Geotechnical Engineering

    Working with in-house engineers and selected industry partners, Acteon offers a full range of geotechnical engineering consultancy services.