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Marine Foundations
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  • LDD Pile Top Drilling Services
    Drilled Pile Installation Services

    LDD has developed one of the largest fleets of reverse circulation, pile-top, and rock socket drilling rigs in the world.…

  • LDD Drive Drill Drive
    Drive Drill Drive

    LDD can dramatically reduce clients’ project costs by implementing their drive-drill-drive method; also, commonly referred to as the '3D' method.…

  • Grout Bags for Pipeline Free Span Rectification

    Our subsea grout bags or fabric formworks are used for pipeline freespan rectification, stabilisation of offshore assets and various bespoke…

  • LDD St. Nazaire offshore wind foundations
    Offshore Foundation Grouting Services

    Offshore structures experience the full extent of the ocean’s power and need a reliable foundation. We have comprehensive experience in…

  • A pile upending system ready to be mobilised to an offshore energy project
    Pile Upending Systems

    Pile upending systems are designed to aid offshore installation of long piles.

  • Pinned Lifting Tool from LM Handling
    Pinned Lifting Tools

    Pinned lifting tools (PLTs) feature a simple single pinning system for securing to, upending and lifting piles. Once the pile…

  • Rocksteady heavy lift tool
    Quick Connect Lifting Tool

    The Rocksteady® lift tool is a quick connector for heavy offshore lifting operations. A fail-safe and visually verifiable lock guarantees…

  • Structural Strengthening

    Grout can be used to address degradation in the load-bearing capacity of structures. For example, grouted clamps can be used…

  • Subsea & Offshore Engineering & Product Design from SRP
    Subsea & Offshore Engineering & Product Design

    Acteon has a multidisciplinary team of engineers and designers with extensive offshore and manufacturing experience. We can take customer requirements…

  • Subsea Motion Vision & Measurement Tooling Development from SRP
    Subsea Motion, Vision & Measurement Tooling Development

    The rapid development of image recognition, motion control and mobile computing power means that Acteon can realise significant benefits for…

  • LDD Engineering Services - Temporary Works Design
    Temporary Works Design

    Underpinned by LDD’s design, engineering and marine contracting expertise, they design and build solutions to suit their foundation installation services,…