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Acteon provides specialist engineering, services and technology to companies who develop and own marine infrastructure across the life of their assets.

Our services cover everything from pre-development to offshore installation to decommissioning and post-abandonment. We apply our domain expertise to increase efficiencies and enhance commercial and environmental value for our customers across the renewable, nearshore construction and oil and gas industries.

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Solutions for the pre-development project phases

Early involvement in constructability reviews allows us to optimise design and identify potential issues. Our pre-development services include exploration and appraisal drilling support; subsea infrastructure concept development and front-end-engineering; and survey and pre-installation preparation.

To reduce costs and improve data quality, Acteon offers integrated geophysical and geotechnical surveys through a single contract. Collaborative working helps to avoid laborious data reformatting and reduces the risk of data integrity issues; this enhances efficiency and leads to higher quality data and, ultimately, a more accurate ground model for de-risked, more cost-effective structure designs.

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Solutions for the development project phases

Acteon’s services for the development phase of a project lifecycle includes floating facility, renewables and marine construction installation services, development drilling support services and pre-installed conductors. We have unrivalled domain expertise in the technologies needed to install, operate and maintain fixed and floating wind turbines and associated surface and subsea infrastructure.

We bring together deep domain knowledge and specialist expertise to provide one interface for seamless delivery of products and services, including project management; mooring design, equipment, engineering and installation; riser design and engineering; foundation design and installation; surveying and positioning; and geotechnical data acquisition and studies.

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Solutions for the operations project phases

To ensure operational efficiency of our customers’ assets, Acteon provides integrity management and monitoring services for subsea and platform assets.

We deliver customer-specific, effective, timely and commercially attractive end-to-end solutions to help operators maintain the integrity of their critical and dynamic supporting subsea assets in any water depth. We combine best-in-class surveying, monitoring, engineering and repair services to address threats to production systems, wells, wellheads, control systems and mooring systems.

Our services focus on proactive maintenance of the entire interrelated system – conductors, caissons, risers and topsides – and use our proprietary data acquisition equipment, analysis and management system, which is slick, easy to use and good value.

Because we are vessel-independent, we are free to align with our customers incentives, so can deliver a solution that is right for the asset, without multiple interfaces, competency gaps and inefficacies.



Solutions for the late-life project phases

We understand that there is increasing pressure on operators to squeeze as much life as possible out of their assets, which is why we offer an array of services to extend asset life safely and efficiently across all energy sectors.

Aligning with our customers’ incentives allows us to offer worldwide, high-value services for riser, pipeline, structure, well, foundation and mooring life extension. We do this by identifying infrastructure elements that may not meet the design life or required efficiency or functionality and find opportunities to add, supplement or replace infrastructure with newer or alternative technology to extend life and/or improve efficiency and functionality.

Gathering survey, inspection or monitoring data, conducting engineering desk-based assessments and proposing and implementing mitigation measures enables our clients to achieve maximum cost and time efficiencies.

Finally, our decommissioning experience attests to the fact that we understand the costs and risk implications of poor integrity management during the lifecycle of an asset. We use this knowledge to ensure that, after the life extension period, the platform is optimised for decommissioning.



Solutions for the decommissioning and post-abandonment project phases

Acteon delivers innovative, low-cost solutions to plugging and abandoning suspended subsea and platform wells and removing all types of subsea infrastructure. We minimise the cost of securing legacy hydrocarbons from the marine environment and restore a clean post-industrial setting, for the oil and gas and renewables industries.

Our decommissioning and post-abandonment services include rigless subsea and platform well abandonment, and the removal of subsea wells, infrastructure and floating production facilities.

We reduce project footprints and carbon emissions by carefully managing and performing offshore decommissioning operations using multi-disciplined crew and multi-deployable equipment on the most cost-efficient vessels for the task, resulting in an overall bespoke solution that is safe, fit for purpose and commercially attractive.