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Smart geo-technical solutions built on safety and quality

Benthic is a sub-brand in the geo-services business line

Acteon operates five business lines to more effectively service the needs of our customers.

Benthic aspires to reach zero incidents, zero harm to people, and zero damage to the environment. In support of this, they take a proactive HSEQ attitude to risk management by continually reviewing, monitoring, and managing our procedures and work instructions for the protection of health, personal safety, and environmental quality.  

Safety by design  

The safety of personnel, the environment and the local community is Benthic’s primary concern. That’s exactly why safety has been designed into Benthic’s technology and operating procedures. Portable Remotely Operated Drill (PROD) operates on the seabed and is controlled remotely from a vessel—making it inherently safer than a traditional drillship.  

Caring for the environment  

PROD operates in remote locations and often extreme conditions surrounded by fragile marine ecosystems. Benthic actively works to mitigate any potential impact of their work to these sensitive areas and understands the importance of responsible stewardship of the environment.  


Benthic has robust, independently audited, and certified systems that support their core values and safe work practices. View the certifications by clicking each title below:  

ISO 45001

ISO 14001

ISO 9001

Benthic strives to deliver the highest standards of service quality on every project. Technological excellence combined with rigorous processes and a solutions-driven approach is used to meet customer needs. The result is an industry-leading service tailored to specific project objectives.  

Quality through innovation  

PROD’s seabed-based drilling unit provides a highly stable and controlled platform, enabling our team to make precise tool adjustments and collect extremely accurate data.  

PROD carries a wide selection of tools allowing for the highest sample quality and most consistent sample recovery in the industry.  

A controlled seabed landing with advanced visual and sensor instrumentation allows Benthic to position PROD with extreme accuracy for optimal data collection. PROD’s distinctive footings distribute the load away from the drilling and test center, allowing samples to be taken from the mud line with no artificial surcharge of the seabed. 

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