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At Acteon, we apply decades of experience to provide foundations, flexibles and high-voltage electrification services for marine energy assets.

We are recognised as technical experts in advancing ’smart‘ technology and trusted to deliver high-quality, engineered solutions in the most challenging conditions.

Our capabilities include geotechnical engineering; impact and non-impact pile installations; back-deck services; specialist lifting for renewables; a drive–drill–drive solution for extra-large (XL) monopiles; advanced grouting solutions; and comprehensive high-voltage cable services.

We reduce project footprints and carbon emissions by optimising the use of deck space, offshore personnel and equipment. By focusing on logistics to avoid double handling and maximise vessel utilisation, we help to increase efficiency and decrease costs. Our noise mitigation and spoil-handling systems reduce the environmental impact of our work.

Real-time data capture from our equipment helps us to enhance operations and maintain high levels of performance. Remote monitoring of our offshore assets improves maintenance planning and wear prevention, which helps us to maximise equipment uptime and meet project deadlines.

Mitigating the risks

Delivering foundation solutions in ultradeep water

Our unique deepwater hammer system enables us to provide the foundation support customers need in ultradeep water.

Comprehensive HV

Mitigating the risks of challenging seabed conditions

Hydraulic impact driving and drilling using our unique drive–drill–drive installation method alleviates installation risks in hard soil.


Comprehensive high-voltage cable performance support

We offer complete installation, hook-up, testing and remedial services to deliver and maintain power integrity and performance for customers.



Acteon has decades of deep domain expertise and is the only organisation that can provide an integrated solution for installing XL monopiles in challenging seabed conditions using a combination of driving and drilling.

Moving with the industry

The offshore renewables energy industry is moving towards larger turbines and into deeper water to increase capacity and reduce the levellised cost of energy (LCoE). Our unique deepwater hammer system enables us to deliver foundations in ultradeep water. We offer an extensive rental fleet of hammers, including the most powerful one on the market that can deliver up to 4400 kJ of energy. Our hammers have been used on many of the world’s largest and most complex offshore wind projects; their modular design offers easy transportation, and in-region assembly and maintenance.

Deepwater operations often mean high vessel costs. Our high-output grouting solution increases grout delivery rates and reduces the number of vessel days required. We help customers to install and recover flexibles with longer product lengths by providing a range of modular tensioner systems with up to a 90-te line pull capacity.

Challenging convention

We engineer and deliver optimal solutions and reduce project footprints by challenging conventions and providing innovative services and products. The first step towards an efficient installation process is to reduce soil uncertainties by integrating geotechnical services and structural design. Our soil analysis and driveability studies are crucial for accurate foundation ground modelling.

We help customers to understand and overcome the challenges of seabed conditions in all water depths. Our operations cover the entire project life cycle, from quayside operations through to pile handling, offshore installation, grouting and cable laying. The combination of the hydraulic impact driving and the drilling action our unique drive–drill–drive installation method delivers enables us to mitigate the installation risks that customers face in hard soil.

Connecting energy sources

We project manage and integrate cable installation and maintenance to provide our customers with a single interface and a clear picture of project responsibilities. This helps us to boost project efficiency and repeatability through leaner operations.

We have extensive experience in cable and umbilical projects, which means we can produce detailed installation plans and ensure safe and secure installation. Our high-voltage services deliver excellent performance, higher efficiency and lower production costs. We understand that the secure, reliable and economically efficient transmission of electricity is critical for our customers. All our cabling operations are conducted to the highest standards of health and safety and all project activities are designed to minimise environmental impacts.

foundations and cables
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High-quality, engineered solutions for marine energy infrastructure.

Acteon is a specialist foundations, flexibles and high-voltage electrification services provider for marine energy assets and we are recognised as technical experts in advancing ‘smart’ technology and delivering high quality, engineered solutions.

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