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Acteon is a socially responsible organisation and employer that strives to make a positive contribution to the lives of our people and the communities in which we operate. Guided by robust policies and codes of conduct in Compliance and Human Resources Management, we are committed to safety, equality, diversity, and inclusion, and operating in a fair, honest, and ethical manner.

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Acteon is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to promoting a culture of respect and tolerance. We aim to create a positive working environment, free from any forms of discrimination. Supporting diversity and equality in recruitment, employment, and management processes; the guiding principles of which are laid out in a code of conduct.

We take the mental health and wellbeing of our colleagues as seriously as their physical health and we have dedicated, trained, mental health first aiders across the business as well as regional, external assistance programmes to provide our people with third-party, confidential support in this area. In April 2021, we rolled out a programme of mental health awareness training for all line managers across the business.

As part of our Talent Management process, Acteon operates a training and development programme to support staff with their continuing professional development. In July 2021, we launched the Acteon Yellow Belt Lean Accreditation programme as part of our commitment to Continuous Improvement across all our facilities while providing recognised learning and development opportunities for our people.

We operate a twice-yearly awards programme: the Acteon Achievers Awards. The Awards offer an opportunity for individuals and teams to get peer and leader recognition across seven different categories including being a role model for Acteon Group values and culture, delivering excellence in HSE, and providing outstanding customer care and experience, among others.

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We encourage and support our people to be actively involved in community projects. We have staff at all levels of our business engaged with sponsorship, charity and volunteering projects making a difference to their local communities whilst gaining valuable, additional skills.

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We do not tolerate modern slavery or any other forms of human exploitation and we operate an ethical supply chain. We have a robust, zero-tolerance anti-bribery and corruption policy, applicable to all employees and contractors, and every member of staff is expected to undertake an annual refresher training to ensure consistently high standards and levels of understanding.

Acteon is committed to dealing fairly with clients, competitors, suppliers, agents, contractors, employees, and other parties that may be affected while doing business with us. We are determined that no-one associated with our businesses should seek, offer, or accept any inappropriate advantage or inducement. We ensure that all our dealings are carried out in a fair and honest manner, wherever they take place in the world. Our Compliance Programme and handbook supports this; helping us to conduct business appropriately.

We expect the same high standards of our suppliers, all of whom are subject to Acteon’s Supplier Code of Conduct.


Acteon's Interim Environmental, Social and Governance Report

2021 mid-year report

Acteon has a major role to play in driving the sustainability agenda and enabling the energy transition. Our services and capabilities support the application of renewable energy and help to decommission and remediate redundant oil and gas infrastructure. Download our report to learn more about our decisions that will protect the world of tomorrow.