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At Acteon, we understand that to be the preferred engineering, services and technology partner enabling energy transition across the marine infrastructure industries, we need to deliver strong environmental as well as commercial benefits to our customers, whilst keeping safety paramount.

To realise our vision, we align our business strategy and service offerings to support the energy transition and the safe and efficient development of offshore renewable energy. Acteon provides services that help to reduce emissions and minimise environmental impact – both for ourselves and our customers and to assist in the removal and remediation of redundant oil and gas infrastructure​.



At Acteon, we are committed to putting safety first and maintain a strong Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) culture which is supported by a robust management system.

‘Seamless Safety’ as a strategy is Acteon’s route map to achieving zero harm; our QHSE vision to protect all that which we as an organisation value: our people, our customers and business partners, and our environment.

While each business segment continues to be responsible for QHSE, this collaborative approach, under a single strategy of ‘Seamless Safety’, ensures an effective, consistent, seamless and transparent approach to QHSE across all our global operations and provides a platform for sustainable change across the group. As part of this programme, all our facilities are regularly audited to ISO 45001 standards.

Acteon takes a zero-tolerance approach to unsafe actions as we create an environment in which we protect and improve the health, safety, and security of our employees, contractors and customers at all times – a sustainable and vibrant place to work; creating a safe and inclusive environment for our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Acteon Seamless safety QHSE Policy Statement

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Acteon’s specialised services enable our customers to accelerate energy transition and move towards Net Carbon Neutrality, to manage their projects and infrastructure more efficiently and safely, to reduce emissions and to minimise environmental impact. From virtual asset management technologies and portable systems for geotechnical surveys to noise mitigation technologies during piling to protect marine life, we have the solutions which can reduce a project’s ecological footprint.

Our integrated and innovative offshore installation methods, coupled with being vessel-independent, allows us to optimise vessel selection and maximise vessel back deck utilisation for reduced fuel consumption and emissions​.

We have made Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) one of the priorities of our environmental strategy and we have established measurable targets in a concerted effort to reduce the environmental impact of our global operations, from toxic emissions to waste management and water stress, all in respect with local legislation.

All our operational facilities and office buildings around the world constantly strive to identify and implement energy-efficiency measures. Environmental procedures and actions are recorded and monitored in our central environmental management system, to identify areas of future improvements in the spirit of ISO 14001, which most of our facilities are certified to.



Over the past decade, Acteon has installed more than 2500 foundations for offshore wind farms all over the world, and is well positioned to accompany our clients as they further develop renewable energy projects in deeper waters and with larger turbines. We continue to establish a presence in the key renewable markets and endeavour to understand the local legislation and provide local content for each project.

In parallel, we have the expertise, innovative methods, and proven processes to help our customers decommission and remove redundant infrastructure, in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

We offer comprehensive environmental and regulatory services for industrial projects and oilfield operations.

Once a field is mature, we can provide safe and efficient well plug and abandonment (P&A) services. Through market leading abrasive cutting technology, we can optimise rig time during P&A and offer fast and efficient solutions with a reduced footprint. Acteon completed the world’s first rigless platform well abandonment over 15 years ago and we have since deployed our cutting and recovery tooling on more than 300 successful operations, reducing footprint by not having to utilise rigs with higher energy consumption.

We accompany our customers throughout the life of their assets and can decommission and remove redundant oil and gas structures, from risers and mooring systems to large platforms, while upholding high standards in safety and environmental stewardship. Our full decommissioning package includes base port services, engineering, project management, and offshore execution. In the process, we endeavour to restore the site to a clean post-industrial setting and support artificial reefing to foster marine life​.

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We believe that the safety and environmental stewardship of our products and services come hand in hand with abiding by the best quality standards. As such, we follow Lean and Six Sigma principles and all our facilities are ISO 9001 certified or compliant.

We work closely with industry members to obtain third-party approval, as a validation of the quality of our services. Most of the companies in the Group are registered members of First Point Assessment (FPAL), an oil and gas industry supply chain database, run by Achilles.


Acteon's Interim Environmental, Social and Governance Report

2021 mid-year report

Acteon has a major role to play in driving the sustainability agenda and enabling the energy transition. Our services and capabilities support the application of renewable energy and help to decommission and remediate redundant oil and gas infrastructure. Download our report to learn more about our decisions that will protect the world of tomorrow.