With the Acteon Group and it's branded services having a global footprint, it has come to our attention that on occasion individuals or organisations that are not connected with the Acteon Group will look to take advantage of this.

Such organisations or individuals may look to entice you by making fraudulent offers of employment. These offers usually involve the potential candidates being asked to contribute money towards the recruitment process, which will never be returned.

Acteon Group Ltd or any of its Branded services will never ask for money during the recruitment process and a job offer or contract of employment would never be offered without first having completed our detailed recruitment process, which would always include at least one face to face interview with authorised Acteon Group personnel.

Sadly in this modern day we all have to stay vigilant against mis-representation of either a corporate or individual identity and should you be offered a fraudulent contract similar to this example, we would advise breaking contact with the sender immediately.