Well Plugging And Abandonment Studies

InterAct is frequently called upon to permanently abandon or re-abandon old or problematic subsea wells. 

Its project teams generally offer skills in project management, facilities engineering, drilling, well engineering, cost modelling and planning.

Having an integrated team and using a peer review approach ensures that the latest technologies and practices are applied to incorporate the safest and most effective and economical techniques for well abandonment.

InterAct understands the installation process and this helps when it comes to planning and optimising the technical and economic factors in the well decommissioning process. The company has extensive experience of conducting techno-economic evaluations, including risk analyses of well abandonment options and the associated uncertainties.

InterAct also has a wealth of well decommissioning experience, including project definition, scope and objectives; environmental objectives; contracting and procurement strategies; logistics and detailed well abandonment procedures; organisation and human resource plans; and quality assurance and health, safety and environment plans.

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