Project Planning And Management

From end-of-field-life determination to final lease clearance, InterAct can assist with every aspect of facility abandonment, be it for onshore facilities, platforms, pipelines or single wells.

The company uses an integrated team approach to prepare detailed plans and procedures for well plugging and abandonment, equipment and pipeline flushing, platform topsides removal, jacket dismantlement, tow and salvage/scrapping. InterAct is a recognised leader in decommissioning and has been instrumental in planning for the abandonment of some of the world’s deepest fixed- and tension-leg platforms yet to be abandoned and for the decommissioning of liquefied natural gas gasification plants.

InterAct’s offshore decommissioning services covers all phases of work from equipment flushing and naturally occurring radioactive material surveys to severing analyses and topsides removal procedures. The service also includes innovative and cost-saving approaches for equipment reuse and disposal.

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