Pre Installation Conductors

Pre-installing conductors can unlock significant benefits for offshore projects. This approach takes the conductor installation task off the critical path and enables a rig to start drilling as soon as it arrives on location.

CIS, InterMoor and MENCK have worked together to develop and apply this technique.

There are substantial technical challenges involved in working off the back of a boat or barge. The main ones are the lack of a drilling derrick and no available intervention capacity if the installation does not go according to plan. CIS applies rigorous pre-engineering and detailed planning to determine whether the target depth can be achieved without intervention.

The pre-engineering phase might involve a conductor driveability study to assess the rock formations that the conductors will be driven through, and detailed modelling and analysis to define factors such as the type of hammer that would be suitable, the depth it would be able to drive the conductor to and how many blows would be necessary. Piledriving specialist MENCK also has role to play. This will typically involve setting the jacket on the seabed and driving main anchor piles to hold it in place. Once the jacket is set, CIS can commence a batch driving operation.

Previous projects of this kind have been extremely efficient operations and have delivered significant time and cost savings to customers.

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