Pipeline Surveys

NCS Survey provides a range of tools for pipeline inspection and survey operations. The VisualEditPro data processing package, for example, is used to process all remotely operated vehicle (ROV) based pipeline support applications.

This enables rapid automated data processing for survey sensor data and can be used to provide pre- and post-installation records of all installed pipelines.

NCS Survey utilises the VisualWorks system for digital video capture of subsea inspection survey data. This system has been designed specifically for the offshore industry. Operators can call on associated system tools for simultaneous real-time encoding of multiple analogue or digital ROV video cameras. The encoded video data can then be viewed and edited digitally. This significantly reduces the time and effort required to edit and review pipeline events.

Operators can access the digital video archive of the pipeline inspection survey to produce reports and event databases that feature listings and descriptions with video clips of each event. Video playback can be accomplished on a desktop PC, which enables results to be shared on CD, DVD or DLT, or across a local network.

In addition, NCS Survey owns and operates two portable autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), one rated to 1000 m and the other to 500 m. The systems are used for a full range of applications from site surveys to pipeline inspection and can gather data in waters as shallow as 1 m. The Gavia AUV is ideal for surveying areas beyond the reach of conventional towed or ROV-based systems and has several features that make it an attractive proposition for seabed survey operations.

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