Piles And Anchors

Offshore hydraulic piledriving has been MENCK's core business for over 40 years. During this time, MENCK has worked on piling projects for shallow and deepwater oil and gas developments, offshore renewable energy projects and construction projects for ports and bridges.

MENCK has successfully installed thousands of oil platform piles and broken water depth records. Surface systems that use driven piles for their foundations include fixed platforms (jackets), tension-leg platforms (TLP); spar platforms; semisubmersible platforms; floating storage, production and offloading (FPSO) facilities; and catenary anchor leg mooring (CALM) buoys. Driven piles are also required for subsea components such as riser buoys, pipeline end manifolds (PLEM), arcs and templates. Driven pile anchors are the only anchor points that work well with catenary, semi-taut, taut and vertical mooring systems.

LDD is a specialist marine construction and drilling service company and a world leader in offshore large-diameter piling, drilling and tubular installations. The company can conduct comprehensive pile and tubular installation services from conceptual design through to complete installation.

A wide range of specialist lifting and handling products is available from LDD, including internal lifting tools, hydraulic release shackles and its StabFRAME state-of-the-art subsea piling frames for shallow and deepwater piling. A collaborative initiative between LDD and MENCK, the StabFRAME system enables stabilised piling in all water depths to more than 2000 m where external pile support is required. Its modular construction offers ease of transportation, assembly and operation.

LDD also offers service capabilities in pile installation for the renewable energy sector, specifically for offshore wind turbine foundations. This includes the availability of some of the world’s largest and most-powerful reverse-circulation drilling systems. For example, LDD designers overcame considerable technical challenges to develop a drill bit that produces a standard 4.3-m-diameter rock socket, which can be increased to a 6-m diameter by engaging drill bit underreamers.

InterMoor offers a wide variety of mooring, anchor and foundation solutions to meet the needs and requirements of each project. InterMoor engineers designed most of the suction anchors used around the world today. The company offers wire, polyester and Spectra rope and anchor chain for moorings; mooring and back-down buoys; high-holding-power drag-embedment anchors; and driven, suction-installed, torpedo and its patented suction-embedded plate-anchor (SEPLA) piles.

The patented SEPLA piles combine two proven anchoring concepts (i.e., suction installed piles and plate anchors capable of resisting vertical loads) to increase the accuracy of anchor positioning and burial depth for preset moorings and enable the industry to achieve the holding capacity of a suction-installed anchor pile without the additional cost. This unique SEPLA system can save operators more than 50% in total costs for a mooring project.

All InterMoor products are designed and fabricated to meet the specified needs of each project safely and efficiently, whether it is a simple rig move or an ultra-deepwater mooring.

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