Offshore Drilling Templates

Claxton has an enviable track record of supplying drilling templates for all soil conditions.

The first of two Claxton contributions to the giant Tombua-Landana project is not that easy to spot, even though it is literally fundamental to this world-class project.

Production facilities weighing 36,500 tonnes are supported on a compliant tower weighing 56,400 tonnes. This stands on a tower-base template of 3,000 tonnes, which in turn rests on a levelling-pile template – under which, right on the seabed, there is a 12 slot pre-drilled template providing 9 well slots and 3 docking slots, designed, supplied and installed by Claxton.

Thanks to a vast library of designs, Claxton is able to rapidly design and manufacture templates and has experience of installation from rigs and via a vessel, ahead of the rig's arrival.

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