Marine Electronics For Integrity Management

Seatronics provides equipment for many different types of integrity management projects. These include systems for positioning and video inspection, and remotely operated vehicle sensors and tooling.

Positioning options include a range of telemetry systems and gyroscopic compasses, hydrographic survey software, inertial navigation systems and laser-positioning techniques. Seatronics also has solutions for customers who require metrology and construction equipment, satellite positioning support or equipment for long- or ultra-short baseline surveys.

For video inspection needs, Seatronics offers camera controllers and mountings, digital video systems, mini remotely operated vehicles (ROV), subsea cameras, underwater lighting and a range of video capture, recording and telemetry systems.

Seatronics also provides sensors for ROVs relating to tasks such as bathymetry and profiling, depth sensing, non-destructive testing and inspection, pipe and cable tracking, scanning, sub-bottom profiling and video equipment and lighting.

The range of ROV tools Seatronics supplies includes camera booms, cutters, dirty work packs, excavation and dredging tools, fluid injection units, grinders, hot stabs, and several maintenance and measurement systems.

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