Manpower Provision

In the fast -paced offshore industry, production companies need to be confident they can source capable, professional staff. If you ever wondered what makes a leading provider of personnel resources to the offshore oil and gas industry, then looking at TEAM Energy Resources (TEAM) will give you a good idea.

TEAM has been in the business of providing personnel services since its establishment in 1987 and it is a recognised supplier of specialist oil and gas staff. The company recently won a major contract renewal for the supply of personnel in Qatar. The client is one of the largest oil producers in the country and has an extensive network of offshore platforms, and TEAM has provided it with personnel for the last six years. TEAM will supply about 260 people for approximately 15 different roles on several platforms. The engineers will work a 42-day-on, 42-day-off rotation, and there will be two members of staff for each position working alternate shifts. According to Craig Pym, TEAM’s area manager, TEAM won the new contract because the client was impressed with the service it has received previously. “It is important that clients are confident that the staff are suitably qualified and capable of doing the job,” says Pym. “We provide high-quality personnel and manage the service professionally so that our clients are guaranteed to have the people they need in the right place at the right time. The customer clearly recognised TEAM as a value-adding partner.” TEAM provides a complete service, from finding and interviewing candidates to arranging transport, hotel accommodation and training. It also strives to be responsive to clients and to deal quickly with any unexpected problems.

TEAM operates in all the main areas of offshore oil and gas, including geological and geophysical; drilling and well construction; front-end engineering and design, and conceptual engineering; production and maintenance; construction; and subsea inspection and maintenance. The company enjoys strong working partnerships with its clients, which range from oil majors, independent operating companies and engineering contractors to service companies in more than 30 countries around the world.

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