FPSO Facility Removal & Redeployment

The ability to redeploy an FPSO facility means that its capital cost can be spread over the lives of several small fields, which can transform field economics and, in many instances, make an FPSO facility the production system of choice.

When the time comes to move an established FPSO facility, there are many aspects of the project to be planned, managed and implemented. By working together, InterMoor, InterAct, Aquatic and MENCK can deliver the necessary blend of skills to facilitate a smooth and cost-effective redeployment.

Acteon’s capabilities are focused on two complementary areas: asset unhooking and removal, and anchor and chain recovery.

InterMoor provides the necessary tools and systems to facilitate the movement of FPSO facilities. From its offices in the USA, West Africa, Brazil, the UK, South East Asia and Norway, the company provides rig move services and support.

InterAct can offer activity management support for FPSO facility redeployment projects. This involves leading and guiding a project from start to finish, typically through three phases: strategy development, planning and execution. Risk assessment and control are crucial throughout.

Aquatic provides a chain recovery service that can be applied once the FPSO facility is ready to move off location. MENCK provides the necessary piling capabilities and driven pile anchors for mooring the FPSO facility in its new location.

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