Cutting And Recovery

Cutting and recovery operations are some of the most demanding activities to be tackled during decommissioning.

Claxton provides several key services in these areas, including abrasive cutting and cold cutting systems, and a highly effective conductor recovery capability.

The Claxton SABRE™ abrasive cutting system can sever all the casings in a well, regardless of casing loading, eccentricity or contents. SABRE is an invaluable tool and been used on significant abandonment campaigns. Its abrasive jet is powerful enough to deal with composite materials such as cemented casings.

Flexibility is a key requirement for offshore applications and Claxton’s cold cutting systems can be adjusted to suit numerous applications. These air-driven machines are suitable for use in hazardous environments and, as the cold-cutting operations are classified as cold work, hot-work permits are not required.

Claxton supplies a field-proven package of tools to recover conductors and casing strings, either for abandoning wells or recovering the platform slot. The company can simultaneously recover a 30-in. conductor and all the internal strings, regardless of casing eccentricity or cementing.

Conductor recovery packages include;

  • Rapier™ casing bandsaws or an appropriate cutting tools
  • Double drilling units
  • Hydraulic power units
  • Lifting adaptors and equipment
  • Offshore personnel
  • Jacking or torsion-based cut verification
  • Bespoke recovery interfaces, false rotaries and spreader beams to facilitate rigless recovery.

A package similar to this was used by Claxton to recover a conductor successfully during the first-ever rigless abandonment in the North Sea.

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