Chain Monitoring & Inspection

Pulse provides a comprehensive service for the structural assessment of chains and specific products for monitoring their performance.

Applications can range from complex online systems deployed during structure installation to retrofit devices deployed by divers and remotely operated vehicles for assessing in-service problems. Monitoring programmes can last from a few days, for example, for assessing installation behaviour, to many years for evaluating long-term structural behaviour.

Pulse and InterMoor are collaborating on techniques and technologies, such as the Inter-M-Pulse, that facilitate integrity assessment and monitoring.

Pulse’s ASSURE systems are predefined monitoring systems for offshore structures that facilitate improved operation effectiveness and asset life extension. They achieve an optimum balance between cost and functionality. ASSURE systems include the instrumentation hardware, control software and graphical user interface. The MOORASSURE™ mooring line monitoring system is used to confirm the integrity and performance of catenary mooring systems by monitoring the mooring lines angles to deduce their mean tensions.

InterMoor offers a complete mooring inspection, maintenance and repair service to its customers for all types of mooring components. As a market leader in automated chain testing, equipment and inspection, InterMoor also provides mooring chain certification and re-certification, and repairs and upgrades on heavy-duty mooring systems.

InterMoor offers a worldwide service for specialist work that covers semisubmersible oil rigs, floating production units, vessel and offshore installations, and all chain grades and sizes, under all classifications. The company is unique in that it owns and operates purpose-built, mobile offshore chain inspection units.

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