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Key takeaways from the Floating Wind Solutions Conference

The importance of asset structural integrity

The importance of building asset structural integrity capabilities early on in the projects was also emphasised to reduce risk and operational costs. Predictive maintenance using sensors and digital twin simulation can be achieved for a fraction of the total project cost while dramatically enhancing the efficiency and cost of the inspection and maintenance of floating wind turbines down the line. With its structural integrity services and integrity data management software tool, Acteon delivers such services.

The Floating Wind Solutions Conference & Exhibition demonstrated not only the growing interest in floating wind in the US but also the preparedness of the offshore marine and infrastructure industry. Acteon is one of the key players, being able to deliver services throughout the whole life cycle of a floating wind project, from site characterisation to engineering support, mooring design and installation and asset integrity management. Through early engagement and a unique point of contact, we can significantly reduce the total cost of construction and installation of subsea infrastructure, safely and responsibly, hereby reducing the levellised cost of energy (LCoE). Our technologies and innovative methods help countries and companies to reduce their carbon emissions and meet ambitious climate goals.


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Acteon’s expertise in mooring design and marine installation spans decades. We apply our deep domain expertise to help you choose the best options, from anchoring to cable laying to installation methods, to mitigate technical risks and lower the levellised cost of energy (LCOE).

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