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Enhance safety and reduce costs for subsea data management

24/7 remote access to subsea assets

iSite Subsea is a game-changing, cloud-based platform that gives users an intuitive 360° visualisation of subsea assets and data. Using this platform, operators can source, view, manage and report on seabed, survey and asset data using a single, secure cloud-based interface. It enables interrogation and comparison of data over time, remotely, 24/7 and without specialist software knowledge. iSite Subsea helps to reduce costs, lower risk, enhance health and safety, and deliver better informed decisions.

The platform facilitates the digital delivery, throughout the lifecycle of a subsea asset, of:

  • Geophysical surveys
  • Geotechnical surveys
  • Structural integrity monitoring
  • Inspection and maintenance surveys.

This gives developers and contractors access to the data they need to plan, evaluate and solve safety, environmental and risk scenarios. The streamlined end-to-end service delivery, including data input, storage, and visualisation, ensures that the latest data sets are always available to all users and eliminates the risk of double handling, incomplete data entries, multiple versions and lost data/information.

For asset owners looking to consolidate key geo-referenced survey and inspection information, iSite Subsea is ideal because it can interface seamlessly with existing databases, resulting in additional long-term cost savings.

The development of iSite Subsea:

✓ Empowers multidisciplinary teams to collaborate remotely across multiple locations and to contribute to projects via a single interface

✓ Enhances safety by providing remote access to and assessments of subsea marine assets and environments

✓ Reduces risk by leveraging accessible, accurate information

✓ Challenges the traditional storage of subsea data hosted in discreet, siloed packages within proprietary software across disparate offices and databases

✓ Enables management of separate legacy information that is prone to errors, breaks in communication, and missing or incorrect data, increasing the risk profile.

✓ Enables customers to reduce risk by leveraging an increased availability of accurate, up-to-date information on their projects and assets.

✓ Draws key information from multiple sources and enhances the processed data through visualisation and the ethos of digitalisation.

iSite Subsea Geophysical

Transform your data insights with a digital solution

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