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How can you transform project economics?

Digital technologies such as digital twinning have the potential to address these challenges and generate value. For example, combining domain knowledge, best-in-class data science and non-traditional datasets have enabled us to generate fast, useful insights that are helping to control costs, extend asset life, reduce the risk of failure, increase uptime, reduce the need for intervention and create more efficient products and services for our customers. In other words, we are making assets smarter to help lower the cost and complexity of determining their remaining life.


Implementing technologies is another key enabler for transforming project economics. Acteon actively embraces innovative technologies that generate value while keeping risk low through the availability of proven backup technologies.

Not everyone is free to embrace new technologies, which means that, depending on your partners, you may not be using the most appropriate solutions. For this reason, we avoid being bound to specific technologies, which enables us to offer service-led technology implementation driven by a common desire to solve problems, rather than a need to push product lines.

Acteon use intimate knowledge of the issues and established technologies to evaluate, qualify and test new technologies effectively. This enables our group to respond rapidly with innovations that answer your unmet strategic needs.

Acteon’s engineering departments – often working in collaboration with universities – bring the latest advances into subsea applications; for example, using machine learning and computer vision to replace offshore surveyors. Recent successes include the implementation of new subsea drilling systems, the Rocksteady auto-latching subsea structural connector, quick-latch automatic lifting tools and low-noise piledriving hammers.


In the subsea services arena, the challenges intensify as the water gets deeper and environments harsher, yet ever-more-stringent environmental standards must be met. Investing in research and development (R&D) is essential to driving the disruptive innovation that will meet future challenges and help to reduce the total cost of owning subsea assets.

Our research and development investment is built on client engagement and understanding impending requirements, then having the boldness to invest in these future markets. Research and development often does not solve immediate operational problems but it does lead to long-term viability and growth.

Acteon has more than 200 highly specialised engineers working on projects, for example:

  • Enabling the use of more economic steel riser systems in complex deepwater developments
  • Using finite element analysis to understand acoustic emissions from subsea hammers
  • Ultra-low-power and reliable subsea monitoring and communications devices
  • Mooring connectors with inbuilt sensors and quick release for reduced critical path time and storm evasion
  • Machine vision with the potential to reduce the number of people needed offshore.


The Acteon field life service team develops solutions that necessitate more than individual products or services to address subsea challenges. Contact the team today to learn how one of our integrated service offerings could help you to achieve your objectives.