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Could integration lead to better subsea integrity management?


One solution is to outsource the development and execution of the complete IRM process for some or all of your assets.

An integrated approach may help you to improve IRM processes, drive efficiency and cost savings, and ensure contractor accountability. It can reduce unplanned downtime due to subsea integrity issues by improving inspection campaign efficiency, finding anomalies more reliably and reducing the time taken to resolve them.

Integration can also provide the complete and consistent datasets necessary to make a robust case for field life extension.


Acteon focuses the extensive engineering knowledge and deep domain expertise within the group to design data-driven integrated IRM services for critical subsea infrastructure.

These customer-specific integrated services, which complement existing IRM processes, maximise the value of integrity data and use them to mitigate threats to critical supporting infrastructure, especially those elements exposed to dynamic loads such as risers, flowlines and jumpers.

Advanced data-gathering and rapid interpretation capabilities ensure that data can be acted on promptly to reduce the time between finding and resolving an anomaly. This can result in less downtime from unplanned repair work. It also enables risk- and condition-based approaches that may enable inspection intervals to be extended.

Pragmatic, data-driven integrity management is possible through our digital subsea data management platform, which feeds smart applications. For example, when direct monitoring or survey data are unavailable, correlating data streams gives valuable indicators of asset integrity. This proprietary approach extracts the maximum value from fragmented and siloed field data. Automated data capture technologies and smart inspection and monitoring techniques can also reduce the number of personnel required offshore and increase the efficiency of vessel operations.

Acteon’s integrated services offer a single interface and contract to manage. Moreover, our independence from the need to maintain high vessel utilisation rates enables us to focus on delivering cost-effective integrity management solutions by, for example, planning inspection campaigns and IRM activities across the assets in one or more fields for efficient resource utilisation. The potential exists to create even greater efficiencies through multi-operator, multi-asset IRM campaigns.

Contact the Acteon field life services team to discuss your subsea asset integrity management challenges.