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COP26: How Acteon is meeting the challenge

To date, we have installed the foundations for as many as 50% of the world’s offshore wind turbines. We are proud of this contribution, but we want to go further. By 2025, we anticipate that at least half of our business will come from renewable energy projects.

We are developing smart technology solutions, such as our VALOR ROV by Seatronics, to help companies reduce the environmental impacts and carbon footprints of offshore infrastructure projects. And we support the oil and gas industry in decarbonising offshore production facilities by improving the efficiency of their operating process, monitoring the integrity of those assets and decommissioning that infrastructure to leave a clean seabed and no risk to the future environment. We are still in a phase of energy transition and developing technology has its challenges, including the pressure that delivering on net-zero goals puts on supply chains. Ambition and reality may be two different things at the moment, but we have an important part to play in helping to achieve common goals.

Finally, we are committed to tracking greenhouse gas emissions from our operations and we are seeking to reduce those emissions in a targeted manner and to conduct Phase 1 environmental due diligence surveys at all our facilities and offices around the world.


We take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously. As a company that relies on metals and minerals, our raw materials must be sourced ethically and sustainably. This includes making sure there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chain.

Our environmental, social and governance committee conducts the due diligence necessary to ensure that our operations adhere to the highest environmental, regulatory and labour standards, wherever we work. It also guides us in making positive contributions to the communities in which we operate.


The mobilisation of finance is essential to the advancement of the technologies we need to help electrify and decarbonise our economy. Carl Trowell, Group Chief Executive, says, “Acteon is a specialist in technology and innovation, which means that we know, better than most, the importance of access to affordable finance for supporting the research, development and deployment of new, climate-friendly technologies.”


Collaboration is at the heart of innovation. Our work with Siemens Gamesa, a leading manufacturer of offshore wind turbines, on the operations and maintenance (O&M) of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind pilot project in the USA enables us to find more creative and cost-effective solutions for driving the offshore wind market forward.

The globalisation of the offshore wind industry is opening new markets in North America and Asia. Strategic collaborations will help us support the growth of these markets and accelerate the transition to renewable energy and net zero.

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Acteon drives down costs by optimising design and installation activities, and improving scheduling and resource utilisation. We support the development of large structures in deep water, including floating installations, and provide baseline environmental surveys.

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