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The Baltic is poised to become a sea of opportunity for the offshore wind sector.

It is estimated that, on average, 26GW will be installed every year, which represents a sevenfold increase in comparison with the previous decade. Most of these projects will be developed based on a new generation of 12MW+ turbines supported by larger and heavier foundations, which will, in turn, require larger installation vessels as well as more powerful drills and hammers. Acteon has responded to the challenges associated with larger foundations by introducing the world’s largest hammer to date, which has been working successfully in the market since early 2021.

Predictability of project schedules (particularly in a new market like Poland) is vital for a global services provider like Acteon to plan, manage the allocation of its spread and, at the end of the day, enable the developers to deliver the projects on time and budget.

Moreover, the whole supply chain will have to work together to solve the challenges that come with the significant growth in scale of the offshore wind structures. Rafal explained that Acteon is looking to work together with the Polish supply chain who can provide not only the necessary local knowledge but the experience that would be attractive to developers across the Baltic Sea and globally.

When it comes to reaching carbon neutrality, this much is clearer: cross-sectoral collaboration and a coordinated approach is of paramount importance. This is in particular the case of the Baltic basin, where the Polish Phase I windfarms are a prelude to future transnational projects that will aim to export electricity across borders and incorporate green hydrogen production. Acteon is ready to play a key role in making it happen.

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