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Asset integrity and monitoring

Asset integrity main

We are global specialists in structural health monitoring; visualising asset condition and providing remediation and life extension solutions.

By combining excellent core technologies with systems integration and expertise, we help customers to make timely integrity and remediation decisions.

Our capabilities include data capture and measurement systems across marine structures; advanced data interpretation and recommendations; and remediation support, including all aspects of cathodic protection systems. This comprehensive solution is supported by our fully integrated digital capability.

We reduce project footprints through digitalisation and using digital twins, which reduce the need to send personnel offshore. We optimise life-cycle costs by reducing dependence on asset-heavy marine services and provide the highest-quality value solutions by using standardised technology.

Early warnings for critical systems lower the risk of catastrophic incidents, and our corrosion protection and asset integrity systems enhance asset protection. We help to minimise environmental impacts by reducing personnel on board and boat days, and our impressed current technology helps to reduce marine pollution.

The data you need - Copy

The data you need, delivered how you want it

We gather environmental, metocean and chemical data, along with primary and secondary dynamic responses, to determine how assets are reacting to their environment.

Remote management options

Remote management options boost project efficiency

Fully integrated, digital, cloud-based data insight platforms and edge-based processing capabilities are presented through user-friendly and intuitive graphical interfaces.

Safe efficient long tern

Safe, efficient, long-term operation of assets

We determine structural performance against original design expectations and provide intervention recommendations based on a customer’s budget and operational priorities.



We safeguard the integrity of offshore assets to maintain or extend their output while protecting the environment, the workforce and the investments and reputations of all parties.

A wealth of data options and custom-built monitoring solutions

We capture data, including environmental, metocean and chemical data, and a full range of primary and secondary dynamic responses across structures in the marine environment to determine how the asset is reacting to its environment in terms of fatigue, vibration, anode degradation and corrosion. We also provide custom-built monitoring systems based on the latest data architectures and technologies.

With the asset integrity market evolving quickly, it remains fragmented with many individual specialists. Acteon provide a seamless, holistic system approach through strategic partnerships. Our solution connects specialist engineered products and elements to produce a global view of marine infrastructure behaviour and maintenance requirements. We support clients worldwide by delivering long-term services through our digital backbone and local teams.

Data management systems and cloud-based software technology

Acteon’s edge- and cloud-based software enables remote desktop management of assets, which eliminates the cost of offshore planning, operations and communication. Minimising personnel on board and enhancing remote working are key efficiency drivers. In addition, we are responding to the increasing demand for this software with 24/7 capabilities to support remote working.

For example, we provide advanced cathodic protection modelling analysis services that help to optimise our corrosion protection solutions and we are working with customers to support their digital journey through using integrated data, insights and artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions. Our goal is to offer a fully digitised and audio-visual monitoring business that enables customers to access their data through a user-friendly interface in real-time and from any location.

Monitoring, prevention and remediation across the asset life cycle

Our top priority is supporting the long-term operation of customers’ assets safely and efficiently. We provide access through a single point of contact to the specialist skills and deep domain knowledge necessary for effective integrity management, including project management, inspection, monitoring, assessment, recommendations and repair. By combining digital technologies and expertise, we enable clients to assess asset condition and make informed decisions based on remaining asset life.

Our engineers can recommend the most appropriate remedial work following early warnings of structural issues and corrosion, for example, the installation of RetroBuoys to replace failing anodes at a German offshore wind farm. By mitigating potential issues, solving existing problems and implementing technology to futureproof assets and components, we are helping to extend the productive lives of assets.

Asset integ
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Acteon’s asset integrity and monitoring solutions are designed to help our clients carry out diagnostic and remediation work including further monitoring/deep dive and the provision of proprietary retrofit cathodic protection CP packages suitable across a wide range of applications in marine energy and marine infrastructure markets.

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