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Aquaculture has a significant role to play in sustainably feeding the planet and relieving the burden on ecosystems.

Acteon provides infrastructure products and services that have direct application for installing, maintaining and removing shallow and deepwater aquaculture facilities.

Our solutions for the civil marine infrastructure market, LNG, aquaculture and other nearshore markets draw together the specialist capabilities and deep domain knowledge of 21 operating companies into seamless integrated services.

We identify geohazards and design constraints to help reduce risk, uncertainty, and improve project efficiency. Using the latest technology, Acteon provides accurate assessments of the seabed characteristics and ultimately a reduction in overall project costs.

Our mooring deep domain knowledge and track record allows us to design the most appropriate mooring system for floating aquaculture assets of any size. We have considerable experience dealing with complex projects and can leverage this practical experience to efficiently manage aquaculture projects. Detailed survey reports, charts, data and images provide the required information for all phases of surface and subsea construction.


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Solutions for the pre-development and development project phases.

Discover five examples of our solutions for the pre-development and development project phases.