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Pre-installed Conductors

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Combining global subsea hammer and geotechnical surveying capabilities with experience of subsea construction from small vessels avoids the need to drill, place and grout conductors using expensive drilling vessels.

Acteon can apply its operating companies’ proven driving technology to pre-install your conductors from construction vessels. Rather than drilling, placing and grouting conductors from drilling vessels, we drive them into place using our subsea hammers. The result is the same but is achieved by using an alternative set of tools from smaller, lower-cost vessels.

Our turnkey solution combines a MENCK or CIS subsea hammer and Benthic or UTEC’s geotechnical surveying capabilities with InterMoor’s project management and engineering experience of using small vessels for subsea construction.

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Pre-installed Conductors integrated service 1

Reduced costs and fewer interfaces

Driving conductors can be technically advantageous where the geophysical environment makes conductor jetting challenging. However, the principle advantage is the ability to reduce costs by batch setting conductors without needing expensive, time-sensitive drilling vessels. This can reduce drilling vessel time and costs.

Using a single service provider also means fewer interfaces for you to manage, more efficient project management and a single contract with flexibility in terms and conditions.

Applying proven driving technology to pre-installing conductors from construction vessels removes the need for expensive drilling vessels on-site until drilling begins.

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Project managed by the Acteon field life service team

The Acteon field life service team is central to delivering our integrated solutions. It helps customers to define their objectives and tailors the scope and specifications of each integrated service to meeting them. It also develops pricing and commercial models that align with customers’ subsea asset management processes.

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