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Our Operating Companies

Global Communication From United Kingdom (World Map Credits To NASA)

Providers of individual products and services within their own areas of expertise

Acteon brings together operating companies that are recognised as leading service providers. These companies share knowledge and experience to the benefit of our clients – operators, contractors and drillers alike.

The comprehensive Acteon portfolio of generic and proprietary infrastructure products and services can contribute in many sectors while elevating our intellectual capital to an equal status through insight services. It also lends credibility to our client- and sector-specific solutions and strategic innovations propositions, which are underpinned by our knowledge, project management capabilities and domain expertise.

Many clients prefer to procure the products or services they need to complete a well-defined scope of work and then manage their use themselves. We expect these clients to deal directly with Acteon operating companies. Doing so enables us to maximise the value of the deep domain expertise that our specialist companies provide.

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