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Platform Anode Retrofit RetroPod Deployment from Deepwater


We deal in hardware, data and knowledge, and currently target three sectors: renewables, nearshore construction and oil and gas

The products, tools and equipment that we sell, rent or operate and the services we provide by using them are all applied to physical infrastructure. Our deep-domain expertise; management and processing of raw and interpreted data; utilisation of planning, engineering and project management skills; and training services are all applied to deliver knowledge-based insights into our customers’ marine and subsea activities.

To reflect this, we have divided the Acteon portfolio into products and services that have infrastructure applications and those that have insight applications.


  • INFRASTRUCTURE products and services help our customers by physically interacting with marine and subsea assets to address challenges from seabed to surface throughout the life of a project.
  • INSIGHT products and services use information, domain knowledge and expertise or data to extract value for our customers.
  • Point Risers and conductors
  • Point Engineering
  • Point Umbilicals and powerlines
  • Point Pipelines and flowlines
  • Point Drilling and wells
  • Point Foundations and moorings
  • Point Subsea production (systems)
  • Point Monitoring
  • Point Analytics and interpretation
  • Point Surveying
Risers and conductors

From hiring out flanges and adaptors to designing conductor-supported platforms, we offer a wide range of riser- and conductor-related products and services for all depths and environments across the world. These include the design, engineering and fabrication of specialist components, and conductor driving, installation and decommissioning.


We supply engineering products and services to the renewable, nearshore construction and oil and gas sectors. This diverse range covers remotely operated vehicle rental through to designing mooring systems for drilling rigs or floating wind turbines. Whether you need a noise impact assessment for a renewable infrastructure installation or the development of specialist subsea oil and gas equipment, you can rely on our expert engineers.

Umbilicals and powerlines

Do you need an umbilical or a powerline to connect satellite oil and gas developments, offshore wind farms or aquaculture infrastructure? We have a comprehensive suite of products and services to help, including, geophysical and seabed surveys, the rental of metocean equipment and carousels, and storage bases with large workshop facilities and quayside access.

Pipelines and flowlines

Do you need a manifold, a cathodic protection system or non-destructive testing equipment? We have a large stock of pipeline and flowline equipment for sale or to rent, and the expertise to engineer bespoke products. We also provide services to support the installation, maintenance and decommissioning of pipeline and flowline infrastructure.

Drilling and wells

From fabricating flanges to refurbishing choke and kill manifolds, we offer numerous drilling and well products and services. We can help to reduce your costs by preinstalling conductors off the critical field development path and abandoning suspended wells without a drilling rig as part of a cost-effective multi-well or operator decommissioning campaign… and a lot more in between.

Foundations and moorings

We offer the renewables, nearshore construction and oil and gas sectors innovative mooring and foundation design, supply and installation services, and hold the world’s largest mooring rental equipment inventory. Whether you need a hydraulic hammer to install piles for harbour development or to relocate a floating production storage and offloading facility, you can rely on our experienced engineers.

Subsea production (systems)

Do you need due diligence services before taking on marine or subsea infrastructure or to install or recover production systems? We provide a wide range of products and services for production infrastructure, including drilling, completion and workover design and engineering, and well plugging and abandonment.


Our products and services can provide streamed or near real-time data that give you knowledge-based insights into your renewables, nearshore construction or oil and gas infrastructure. We offer drilling and production riser integrity monitoring, including vortex-induced vibration detection, and integrity monitoring for all types of marine and subsea infrastructure.

Analytics and interpretation

We can manage, analyse and interpret data to provide knowledge-based insights that add value to your marine and subsea renewables, nearshore construction and oil and gas activities. Our services include system integration and interfacing; corrosion design verification and auditing; risk-based inspection planning; integrity data management; interpretive geotechnical reporting; and on- and offshore laboratory testing.


Do you need to survey equipment or services to provide knowledge-based insights into the condition of your renewables, nearshore construction or oil and gas infrastructure? We have a wide range of surveying equipment, including the remotely operated vehicle-mounted cathodic protection surveying systems. Our expert teams also provide geospatial and geotechnical surveys, including using autonomous underwater vehicles.


Our comprehensive portfolio of generic and proprietary infrastructure products and services can contribute in many sectors while elevating our intellectual capital to an equal status through insight services. It also lends credibility to our client- and sector-specific solutions and strategic innovations propositions, which are underpinned by our knowledge, project management capabilities and domain expertise. 

To view our full list of more than 350 products and services please visit our portfolio directory.

Decommissioning Services Decommissioning Services
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All offshore oil and gas installations must eventually be decommissioned. Increasingly, the pressure is on the operators or licensees of redundant fields and suspended wells to act sooner rather than later. Download this e-book for fresh thinking and technical innovation to reduce field abandonment costs.

DPCE Cutting 3 DPCE Cutting 3
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Acteon is a leading engineering and service provider for the removal of wells and offshore infrastructure. We offer bespoke decommissioning solutions that are safe, fit for purpose and commercially attractive to customers. Discover five key projects where we have solved our customer’s biggest challenges.